How to Make Stickers Sticky Again : 5 Easy Ways

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How to Make Stickers Sticky Again 

This has happened to me plenty of times, and these methods below worked marvelously for me. Not every time you put a sticker on a surface it will be straight, it might be slant, and you have to take it off. This might make the sticker not stick again. Making a sticker sticky again isn’t that hard if you follow the methods below.

A sticker is made of adhesive, and adhesive most of the time needs heat to make it stick again. But I will also list some other methods that work great as well, so let us get to making your sticker sticky again.

Five Best Ways To Make A Sticker Sticky Again Within Minutes

Below is five methods that I have used recently or used in the past that made stickers sticky again. This could be a vinyl sticker on your car, stickers in your house, or on any surface.

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1. Use A Heat Gun To Make Sticker Sticky Again

A heat gun is basically a stronger form of a blow dryer that can heat anything. A heat gun might be pricy base on how powerful you want it to be. You can purchase some from 20$ dollars upwards, and it will heat and make your sticker sticky again.

To use the heat gun, you will need to put it on the lowest setting and hold it about 6 inches away from the sticker back and move it up and down for about 3 seconds this will make the sticker much sticker and can be used again.

2. Use Blow Dryer To Heat Sticker

A blow dryer is one of the most common things in a household, especially if you live with a woman. Blow dryer disperses heat in a more controllable way, but it can still burn you. The blow dryer will work just as how the heat gun did, so all you need to do is move it over the sticker back 4-5 inches away from it, and the sticker should be sticky again.

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3. Glue On Sticker

A sticker is made of a solid type of glue. But the glue can get dried up if you keep putting it back on and taking it off. Liquid glue is more common to glue things together like broken toys, furniture, and so much more things, but it can work on stickers as well.

To use the liquid glue on a sticker, all you need to do is put on a pair of gloves and squirt some of the glue on your finger and rub it all over the back of the sticker. This will make the sticker even more sticky than before, so be careful how you hold the sticker when adding the glue to it.

4. Use Thin Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape has been around for a long period of time, and they work marvelously. Double sided tape come in different width and thickness because it can be used for different applications. If you have a large sticker, you can line the back of it with double sided tape.

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Just make sure when you are buying the double sided tape, you buy the very thin tape so you won’t see the sticker underneath.

5. Clean Sticker Surface To Make Sticker sticky again

A lot of times, people try to put on stickers on surfaces that have dust and other debris on it. What this will do is make the adhesive on the back of the sticker less sticky and even make it not stick at all. What you need to do is make sure to clean the surface of the area that you’re sticking the sticker on, and I can guarantee you that the sticker will stick without a problem.

To effectively clean the era before you put the sticker on. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol, and it will remove grease on any form of oil that is on the surface and make a sticker stick like the way it should.

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Final Thoughts:

Enclosed in when you are putting a sticker on a surface, just make sure to clean the area and not take the sticker off its protective paper until you are ready to stick it on. If the stickers and stick in, you can apply some heat to it or rub glue on the back of it, and you should stick like normal or even better.

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