Dollar Tree Hacks

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Dollar Tree Hacks

Change Your Year (and Your Lifestyle!) with These Dollar Tree Home Hacks. Saving time and money can be fun when you unleash your imagination and creativity at your local dollar store. With dirt-cheap tools and ingredients for your next DIY project, Dollar Tree is one of the best places to buy things if you want to transform your home.

Here are some tips and ideas for the best 11 Dollar Tree hacks of 2021.

1. Create a Cheap Customizable Wall Planner

Those chalk or whiteboard wall calendars sold in stores have a few issues. First, they’re more expensive than they need to be. Second, it’s nice to see everything hung up, but writing on the wall is inconvenient.

The solution to each of these concerns is a home-made calendar that uses a foam board, washi tape, and sticky notes. Prop it up on your desk or mount it on the wall—either way, you can replace the sticky notes when you need to. 

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2. Add Flair to Any Party with a Baby Pool Cooler

We’ve all been there. The cooler is getting old, and displaying drinks is becoming less aesthetic and more of a chore every time. Plus, blindly navigating the icy cold waters is no fun for anyone.

Instead, get a cheap Dollar Tree baby pool! Fill it with ice and layout your beverage selection.

3. Build a DIY Bucket Tote

Finding storage solutions that fit into your aesthetic can be more challenging than it sounds. If you want a personalized tote to store small items like stuffed animals, books, games, or anything else, all you’ll need is a 5-gallon bucket, a hot glue gun, and some patterned fabric.

Glue a long rectangular piece of fabric around the outside of the bucket. Leave extra to tuck under the bottom—and glue that down, too. Then, drape a large piece of fabric inside the bucket, folding it over the edges evenly. Glue the fabric over the exposed outer rim, leaving the inside unglued. You can sew seams if you want to—or just tuck and glue them.

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If you want to go out of your way to add some designs, get creative with some paint!


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4. Say No to Expensive Non-Slip Hangers

If you’ve ever bought non-slip hangers, you know that they cost way too much. Instead, buy a pack of rubber bands. Wrap the bands around the plastic hangers you already own to add an easy and cheap non-slip element. 

5.Pool Noodle Bed Frame Headboard

Attractive bed frames look great—but they can be costly. If you want the design without the price tag, you can build your own out of pool noodles. There are a few different techniques you can use, and you can choose any fabrics, colors, and accessories that fit into your design!

This DIY will show you how to create a tufted design, but you can also create a horizontal or vertical arrangement. 

6. Upgrade Your Picnic with a Fitted Tablecloth

Plastic tablecloths that rip and blow away in the wind can be a real bummer when you’re sitting at a picnic table—and taping the cloth down only adds to the hassle.

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Instead, pick up a cheap twin-sized fitted sheet from the Dollar Tree and fit it snugly around the table at your next gathering. Plus, it’s reusable!

7.  Say Goodbye to Dryer Sheets

Are you tired of spending money on dryer sheets? You can make your own cheap and reusable substitute at home. Wrap a tennis ball tightly in tin foil and toss it into your dryer along with your wet clothes. This will help dissipate the static and fluff up your clothes.

If you want to add a little extra something, drip a drop of your favorite essential oil onto the tennis ball before wrapping. Once you don’t notice the smell on your clothes after a while, you can add more oil.  

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8. Start Using Shelving Solutions

Shelves can be pricey, but you don’t have to shell out your cash to find an aesthetic and functional shelf. Check out Dollar Tree’s selection of wire and wooden baskets.

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Turn the basket on its side—and it becomes a shelf! You’ll just need to adhere it to the wall. I like to use nails and screws for shelves that need extra support, but two pairs of these Command picture hanging strips will hold up to 16 pounds! Just make sure they’ll adhere to your surface.

Also, if you need a sturdy shelf that holds heavy items, be sure to find a sturdy basket. If you only put lightweight things on the shelf, almost any basket will do the job.

To add a splash of color, paint the bottom of the basket (the back of the shelf) or add a piece of patterned fabric!


9. Get Gardening with Any Container

If you need some more planters for your garden, consider picking up a cheap one at Dollar Tree. Almost anything can be converted into a pot for your plants, so keep your options open!

Candy containers, gravy boats, kitchen storage containers, pans, teapots, colanders, and even rain boots can make fun pots to house your plants! If you don’t like the color or design, you can always add some spray paint (or drainage holes), depending on the planter you choose.

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10. Create Canned Candles

Even if Dollar Tree isn’t your preferred store to purchase canned goods, you can still use this Dollar Tree hack. Any can will work: coffee, soup, fruit, or anything else you can think of!

Paint the outside. Then, drill a pattern of holes into your clean and dry can. Place candles inside for a lighting situation that looks especially great outdoors.


11. Give Yourself a Tennis Ball Massage

Pick up one—or a few—tennis balls from your local Dollar Tree, and don’t give them to the dog! Gently step on one tennis ball with a barefoot, and move around, adding or taking away the pressure to find what feels comfortable for you. This simple massage offers the relief you may have never thought possible.

If you’re tense in your back, neck, or shoulders, you’re in luck, too. Put a few tennis balls inside a long sock. Hold one end behind your back and the other over your shoulder. Now, you’ve got a cheap self-massager that can work wonders.

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