How to Get A Sticker Off A Mirror In 5 Ways

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How to Get A Sticker Off A Mirror

A sticker can leave a nasty residue behind anything it was on and to get a sticker off a mirror can be challenging if you try to rub it off. What makes it even worse is on a minor that you have to look in and do your makeup or brush your teeth. 

The sticker residue can be from the price tag on the mirror, your kids playing around, and put a sticker on the mirror. This article will show you the best ways to get a sticker off a mirror without leaving any residue at all.

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1. Use WD-40 To Remove Sticker Off A Mirror

WD-40 is a great product that can do a lot of things. I just used it to clean off my stovetop that was full of grease and it did a phenomenal job. Using this method will involve little to no scrubbing at all and the sticker residue will come right off with a few wipes.

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Steps To Take:

1. Spray the sticker residue with the WD-40 and let it sit on it for a minute or two for it to release the glue from the mirror.

2. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the sticker off. You can add more WD-40 to the sticker if some residue is left on the mirror.

3. Once you have cleaned all the sticker residue off the mirror using some clean water with some dish soap to clean the rest of the mirror off to remove the WD-40 smell.

2. Goo Gone To Get Sticker Off A Mirror 

Goo gone is a very well know product that will remove glue and sticker residue off anything. This should be the go to product you should use on any sticker residue whether it is on your mirror or plastic or walls. To use the goo gone is simple, just add some to a cloth and wipe the sticker off the mirror.

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3. Use Cooking Spray To Remove Residue 

This one might surprise you but if you don’t have WD-40 or goo gone at home you can use Cooking Spray. This surprised me too but I saw it on Tik Tok and it actually works. Somehow the cooking spray softens the glue and allows you to wipe it off.

Steps To Take:

1. All you need to do is spray the cooking spray on the sticker mark and rub it off with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

4. Nail Polish Remover On Mirror Sticker 

Nail polish remover can be used to do so many things. You can use it to clean off hair dye off a countertop and so do a sticker residue off a mirror. But when using the nail polish remover you need to wear your gloves and mask so you don’t smell the nail polish remover/acetone.

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Steps To Take:

1. Wet a part of a microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the sticker with it. Use a razor blade and scrape the rest of the residue off. The nail polish remover should be enough to get all of the residues off but if you do not want to scrub or wipe too much use a razor blade to help you.

5. Using A Razor Blade To Clean Sticker Of Mirror 

This maybe is the first thing that comes to your mind is to use a razor blade to scrape the sticker residue off. You will need a few things for this method. Rubbing alcohol, a razor blade, and a microfiber cloth.

Steps To Take:

1. Wet the mirror with warm water and let it sit for one minute.

2. Use a razor blade and scrape the top of the sticker off. I do recommend that you use a razor blade with a handle like a painter’s razor blade that you can buy on Amazon or your local hardware store.

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3. Once you get most of the sticker off. Wipe the rest of the sticker residue with rubbing alcohol until the mirror is clean.


All of the methods above will get sticker residue off a mirror but the one I remember to use that works best and you will have this product at home in your bathroom or nail polish stack is the nail polish remover. So use this method or any of the other methods to clean the sticker residue off your mirror.

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