Fels Naptha Uses

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Fels Naptha Soap Uses

Purex Fels Naptha Soap is well known for removing stains and treating poison ivy temporarily. How to use fels naptha to do other things is what this article will teach you along with some of the well know uses in your house, like cleaning your laundry to remove odors and stains.

Fels Naptha is safe to use on the skin for washing hands and getting rid of poison ivy but, you should never consume it because it is toxic to the human body. So washing your face for acne purposes with it would not be a good idea because it will get in your eye and mouth.

Many people compare castile soap and fels naptha soap together, but this is not a fair comparison. Fels Naptha is more of a laundry soap while castile soap is a vegetable-based soap that is made for handwashing.


Fels Natptha Vs Zote Soap Bar

You cannot go wrong by choosing one over the other. Fels Naptha has been around longer than zone soap bar for over 100 years. So it is well known for what it does. The difference with the Zote soap bar is that it is mostly used in the Latin American community to make their own homemade laundry detergent.

Fels Naptha can be a bit stronger when removing stains because of the ingredients that it is made of in my use case. If you want something to remove stains and grease when you do have them, use fels naptha. For using to do your laundry each week, use zote soap.


fels naptha soap bar

 How To Use Fels Naptha Soap


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1. How To Use Fels Naptha For Stains

There have been so many times I had to get rid of clothes became I got food stains on them that seem impossible to remove. Even some expensive clothes I had to get rid of, little did I know felt Naptha is amazing for removing any stains.

Wet the area that has the grease mark and work the soap into it and give it a scrub then place it in the washing machine afterward. Back in the days, they didn’t have all these different types of cleaning agents, what they had was fels naphtha, and it worked amazingly. It also gave the clothes a nice fresh and clean smell that I don’t get from a lot of cleaning agents out there.


2. Wash Baby Clothes Using Fels Naptha Soap

So babies, there the master of getting themself messy when there eating. They could be wearing a bib, and they still would mess there self up. Some washing machine has this feature to give the clothes a pre-wash.

Step 1.

  • What you can do is use the fels naphtha and give the clothes a nice rub down and work the soap into the stains.

Step 2.

  • You can leave it in some water for 30 minutes, then give the stained area a proper scrub and place it in the machine, and the machine will do the rest.


3. Remove Under Arm Stains Using Fels Naptha Soap

cleaning stain with fels naptha soap

I think everyone has had this problem, the area under your arm will leave a mark on your clothes, it could be sweat or the deodorant you use.

Step 1.

  • To get it out, all you need to do is wet the area that has the stain, rub the soap on it, and sprinkle some borax on it. Let it sit for 10 minutes to half-hour and give it a scrub till the stain is out.
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4. Clean Your Shoes

Another amazing cleaning hack with this soap is cleaning your shoes. It will remove any marks on it and have it looking brand new again. Use the soap like you were using regular soap to clean your shoes, the difference with this one is that it’s really effective. 


5. Fels Naptha Soap On Poison Ivy

If you ever had a bug bite or poison ivy on your skin and you have fels naptha at home, you can use the soap and wash the surfaces off. The soap will draw the poison out and stop it from spreading. Also, the poison ivy oil will come off your skin when you wash it with this soap.

Using fels naptha on poison ivy will be a temporary solution until you can get medical attention or get a cream that will stop the scratching permanently. The ingredients in the soap bar will wash out the majority of the poison ivy or poison oak oil from your skin. If you think some of the poison ivy has gotten on your clothes, and you do not want to get rid of it. Wash the clothes with the soap bar to remove whatever oil is on it from the poison ivy.


6. Wash Dish Cloths

Your dish clothes in the kitchen will get dirty at some point, full of food marks and grease. What I do to clean them is leaving them in water to soak for a few hours. I made sure to give them a proper rub down with the soap first and leave them in the water.

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When you place them in the machine, they will come out feeling and smelling different, much better than if you had to use regular soap on them.


 7. Wash And Clean Your Rugs

To get my bathroom rugs and the rugs at the doors looking really clean and new again, all I do is rub some of the fels naptha on them and place it in the machine. If the rugs are too big, you can just rub a good amount of soap on one spot of the rug and place it in the machine when you are doing your laundry.


8. Clean Stains Out Of Perk Grout Joints And Regular Grout

fels naptha soap cleaning grout joints

Over time the gout joints in your shower or outside will start to change color and have stains; if you hate using the raw bleach like me, then you will love fels naptha.

This method will take a little elbow grease, but I rather do that than keep looking at discolored tiles and grout joints. What I did was get a container with some water, a bar of fels naphtha soap, and a brush.

Step 1.

  • I wet the brush in the water then rub it against the soap enough to get a good amount of soap on it, then I use the brush and scrub the grout joints. You won’t have to do this often because the joints will stay clean for a good amount of time.
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Step 2.

  • If I see a really dark mark on the grout joint, I use the bar itself to scrub it and leave it for a few minutes and go back and scrub it, you should wet the area first, though. You can do this to the tiles the same way if you see a few of them changing color.


9. Use Fels Naptha As Laundry Soap

Because this product is so cheap, it is one of the perfect replacements to use when you are doing laundry. You can either slice a piece of the bar and place it in the machine with any clothes. This method is very effective when cleaning white clothes. You can call it a clothes washing soap bar that removes any stains and odor you will find.


10. Use fels Naptha To Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Food and watermarks will eventually stain your beautiful kitchen sink and make it look like something you got from the dumpster. Fels Naptha Soap is very strong when it comes to removing grease and stains. I have even used it on my cabinets to remove some awful grease marks.

The soap itself is a bar, so it is easy to use in the kitchen sink. You can either rub it on a sponge and scrub the kitchen sink down or you can use the Fels Naptha bar to rub on the sink then use a scotch brite to clean the kitchen skin and remove those marks.


11. Cleaning Your Carpet Using Fels Naptha Soap

Carpets are prone to get stains and have marks on them that will make them look very dirty. Removing a stain from a carpet can be challenging because you cannot use bleach at all unless the carpet itself is white.

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Cleaning your carpet with a Fels Naptha bar soap is really easy to do. It just requires a few steps to clean the carpet. Wet the area of the carpet that is stained or dirty. Use the soap bar and rub it into the area until it is completely white with the soap. You can use a scrub brush to brush out the stain until it is gone. Repeat the process until the stain has been removed. You can also use a little hot water to help speed up the cleaning process.


12. Using Fels Naptha Soap To Remove Ink

A pen can simply malfunction and get ink on your clothes. Someone could leave a pen on a seat or desk and you accidentally touch the area. They are so many ways to get in on your clothes, cleaning the ink out is a different story. This can eventually become a nightmare to remove if you don’t have a ink remover you bought.

Fels Naptha can actually remove the in from your clothes if you leave it to soak in some water overnight. The ingredients in the soap bar will break down the in and make it easy to scrub out. Just rub the bar on the inked area and leave it in some water with a piece of the soap bar in it for 24 hours then you go and scrub it out.


13. Use It To Get Rid Of  Mold From Your Shower

 If your bathroom doesn’t have proper ventilation and is not been cleaned on a regular basis, you will have mold forming somewhere. The corners of the shower is the most affected area that you will start to see turn black over time. The soap itself will break down the mold and get rid of the bacteria it carries with it.

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You can use the soap bar and rub it on a sponge and clean the areas that you see mold or think that the mold will start to form. This will help to remove odors in your bathroom as well to make it smell better.


14. Clean Outdoor Furniture With Fels Naptha Soap

Outdoor furniture needs regular washing if you do not plan to replace them every year. That water-resistant couch, chair, cushions, and hammock will start to have this green color to them because of the water from the rain not drying out properly.

Again the versatility of the soap bar comes in handy because you can literally rub it on the affected area and scrub it on the spot. If your char back is dirty, just rub the soap on it and brush out whatever is on it.


15. Use Fels Naptha Soap To Prevent An Odor From Building Up

Sometimes washing our clothes in the machine alone will not remove every single odor. You will need to add a little extra help to clean that one piece of laundry that is sweaty. You can use it to presoak any clothes that you have sweat in a lot as soon as you take it off to remove whatever odor that was going to dry in it.

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16. Clean The Collar Of Your Clothes With Fels Naptha Soap

The collar of your favorite shirt or dress can get really dirty around the neck area. The sweat and dirt that is in our hair will run down the back of our neck and make anything we are wearing that is touching our neck dirty.  Getting this dirty mark off without using bleach is very hard because it will bleach out the color. Fels Naptha does not bleach anything so it will remove the stains really easily just by using the soap to wash the affected area.

I would not recommend using fels naptha on leather. The cleaning chemicals in the soap bar will damage and dry out the leather. So do not use it on later jackets, couches, or car seats.


17. Use Fels Naptha Soap As Repellent 

Insects will try to find the most comfortable area to live and that might be in our garden or house most times. The great thing about Fels Naptha is that you can either use the soap bar or the water from the bar as a repellent to ants.

If you find the ant’s nest, you can drop a small piece of the bar in the hole of their nest and they will eventually abandon the whole nest. The next method is making some sud water with the soap bar and pouring it around your garden or on the ants directly. If you pour it around your garden you will stop snails and slugs from eating your plants or fruits too.

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 18. Place In Drawers To Remove Odor

If you have a chest of drawers that are made of natural wood, the odor from the wood will sometimes get on your clothes because there is no ventilation.  This can be eliminated by cutting a small piece of the fels naptha soap bar and placing it in each drawer that has an odor to it. This method will remove every odor and keep your clothes fresh smelling for longer. You can use this in drawers that are not made of wood as well to remove the odors. Fels naptha soap bar works similar to how baking soda works. It can absorb odors and leave the area scentless.


Where you can buy Fels Naptha soap

You can buy this product at your local grocery stores, Amazon, Walmart, and a lot more stores. Amazon is where you will find it the cheapest.


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