21 Secret Ways To Make Your Closet Smell Good

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How To Make Your Closet Smell Good

So you want to make your custom closet or regular closet smell good and remove bad odors from it permanently without redoing or washing every clothes in your closet. This article will give you the top 20 ways that work when it comes to removing odors from your closet and making your clothes smell fresh all the time in your closet.

My house has 6 different closets that use to have a slight odor to them that ruined some of my clothes because I couldn’t get the mildew smell out of them. These 21 methods will make your closet smell good all day and all month long without worrying that your clothes will not smell fresh again after washing them.

Let us get to the ways of making our closet smell good and also our clothes smell fresh each time we take them out to wear.

Ways To Make Your Closet Smell Good And Your Clothes Smelling Fresh In Your Closet

1. Bar Of Soap

We love the smell of our body wash and bar soap we use to wash our faces, however, you can use the same bar soap to give your cost a fresh smell to it. Bar soaps will release their scent each time warm water touches them and create a fresh-smelling odor in tight places like your closet that your clothes will absorb eventually.

Using the bar soap in your closet to make it smell good is one of the easiest ways to remove odors from your closet without doing any work at all.

  1. Fold a piece of paper towel 4 times to make it thick enough.
  2. Rub the bar soap underneath your bathroom faucet with warm water running for a few seconds.
  3. Place the bar soap on the paper towel and leave it in the closet for a few hours with the door shut.
  4. The next time you open the door your closet will smell fresh along with your clothes as well.
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2. Essential Oil

Essential oil is one of the ideal things you should have in your house in the cabinets to help remove odors from areas you want to. You can either buy the spray bottle with essential or the bottle that allows you to make precise drops onto something.

Spray the essential oil of your liking in the air in your closet and leave the door close. Make sure to use a fragrance you like because your clothes will have a little smell of it.


3. Scented Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets were made to trap odors of anything you like to smell like. We use them each time we do the laundry and throw them away because we think they are useless, however, we can reuse old dryer sheets with essential oil on them to make our closets smell good.

Find the old dryer sheets in the laundry or dryer and spray the essential oil of your liking on them. Place them in the closet and they will keep the scent you add to them for days and make your closet smell really good. If a jacket in the closet smells a little and you cannot wash it, place some dryer sheets in the pockets and get rid of the odors.

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4. Baking Soda

removing odor from clothes with baking soda

As a kid growing up I use to see a box of baking soda in the refrigerator all the time. I use to wonder why it was there, now that I’m an adult I learned that baking soda neutralizes odors without leaving one itself.

You can even use it in cars to get rid of odors like smoke and more. This method is a one-time fix method that will last for months keeping your closet and clothes smelling good. You can either use the refrigerated baking soda in the closet or pour some of the regular baking soda in a bowl of warm water and leave it in a corner of the closet.  


5. DIY Air Freshener

A lot of us do not like to buy regular air fresheners because we do not know what it is made of properly. That is true, and the good thing is that we can make our own homemade air freshener with any natural smell we like. It could be lemons, coffee, vanilla, lavender, and so much scent. All we need to do is buy the essential oil with that smell.

Making your own air freshener:

  1. Add 3 drops of essential oil to a spray bottle with the scent you like.
  2. You can add half a cup of rubbing alcohol to help get rid of bacteria as well.
  3. Add water to the spray bottle until it is full and spray down your closet with it.
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6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Using vinegar in a spray bottle with a 2:1 ratio mix with water is a great way to remove odors from your closet and make it smell good in a natural way. Do not use regular white distilled vinegar, the vinegar odor will be too strong and leave the smell on your clothes.


7. Air Freshener

If you choose not to make your own homemade air freshener, you can buy a cheap one at the supermarket that will work. Just make sure to buy one that doesn’t stain your clothes in the closet when it gets on them.


8. Ground Coffee

Waking up to a freshly brewed coffee in the morning is something most of us look for each day when we get up. What if you could make your closet smell as good as that coffee you drink each morning before work.

This can be done by leaving some coffee powder in a bowl or coffee beans in a bowl overnight in your closet. By leaving overnight the smell will not penetrate your clothes too much and will just cover and replace the smell in your closet.


9. Remove Mold Or Mildew 

Mold and mildew are formed when there is too much moisture in the area. Mildew will literally ruin every clothes in your closet because it spreads. Mold on the other hand is toxic for humans and needs to be cleaned as soon as possible when you see it.

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Mold will form in your closet if you put wet jackets and shoes in it without drying them properly. To clean mold out of your closets, you will need gloves, masks, and bleach, also make sure to remove everything from the closet when you are going to clean it.


10. Clean Closet Regular

Sometimes I even forget to clean the closet when I clean the house because you are thinking why does it need cleaning. It does need cleaning because dust and dirt from jackets will circulate in the closet and make your clothes smell awful which will eventually make the closet have an odor.

Try cleaning your closet on a regular basis and put up a cleaning schedule for it behind the door so you do not forget next time.


11. Dry Items Before Storing In The Closet

This is one of the number one causes of having a smelly closet. You take off your jacket and place it in the closet with a little water on it which ends up rubbing on other clothes and getting them wet. If the clothes in your closet are tightly back together, they will be moldy in two days’ time.

Your shoes as well will have water on the bottom of them, then drip all over the floor of your closet floor and other shoes which can ruin them and create odors. Wipe off all jackets and shoes before you place them in the closet to prevent them from smelling bad.

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12. Use Wooden Hangers

iron hangers on bed

The wood itself helps to remove dogs by absorbing some of it. You can replace the plastic or iron hangers in your closet with a natural wood hanger that will enhance the look of the closet while making your clothes smell fresh at the same time.

Wooden hangers can be a little pricey, but they do really work and come in handy to make your clothes smell fresh in the closet.


13. Air Closet Out

Sometimes all our closet needs to smell better is just to open the doors and let fresh air in to circulate between the clothes. A good idea is to have a closet door that has vents so fresh air can get in without you even opening the door.


14. Use Active Charcoal

Active charcoal purifies the air while it absorbs the odors in any area that it is placed in. This will work great in your closet if you just want to make it smell fresh without adding any extra smell to it. Place the active charcoal in a breathable container or bag in the corner of the closet and leave it there for good.


15. Use Your Favorite Fragrance

perfume fragrance

A lot of time we do not want to wash our jackets and clothes because we love the smell of the perfume on them or we simply cannot wash the jacket at all without damaging the material. The jackets and clothes will eventually start to have an odor which will cause the closet not to smell good.

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Spraying some of your favorite fragrances in the closet will make it smell so good, however, this is just a temporary fix to make your closet smell good and you will need to find the source of the problem like the jacket that you cannot wash. To fix that problem permanently, leave it outside a little in the sun to get the odor out and have it smelling fresh.


16. Potpourri In Your Closet

Making your own potpourri is a very fun thing to do if you like doing DIY projects. You can also buy them online on Amazon for a really cheap price that can do magic when it comes to making an area smell good. The mixture of different spices will give you an exciting feeling each time you open the closet door to take out something.

The thing about potpourri is that you can reuse it in areas that need the scent when you are finished with it from somewhere else like your bathroom for example.


17. Store Shoes In Different Areas

shoe rack hanging in closet

Our feet are in our shoes for hours without ventilation all day long. Just think about all the sweat just circulation in that one area and getting in the soft material of the shoes. Placing the shoe in our closets right after we take them off will definitely leave an odor when we close the door.

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Try leaving thick outside shoes that have no ventilation in the mudroom first to air out a little before placing them in the closet to store. This habit over time will make your closet smell fresh and nice all the time.


18. Separate Clothes More

Trying to fit everything in your closet because you have limited space can end up costing you money because you need to replace the clothes that are mildewed. When your clothes are tightly packed together this stops every ventilation from passing through and keep every odor on the inside. Give each clothes on a hanger a little breathing room so air can circulate better.


19. Use A Door With Ventilation

This might have not come to your attention, but using a closed closet door will stop air from getting in. If you have the money to replace the door with one that has a ventilation vent, do it you won’t regret it.


20. Install A Vent In Your Closet

Just like in your bathroom, you need to have a vent in it to pull out the moisture and circulate fresh air in it. If you have a lot of expensive clothes in your closet, this is a great idea to keep them fresh and the closet smelling good.


21 Do Not Store Dirty Laundry In Your Closet

Story dirty laundry in your closet can be one of the root causes of making your closet smell bad. Try to find a room that you can store dirty laundry or place dryer sheets in the laundry basket to help hide the odor. This will transform the way your closet smells.

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What Causes My Closet To Smell?

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The simple answer is that you either are not making your closet get enough ventilation and you have wet items in your closets that create a moldy smell after a few days without cleaning it.


Your brand new closet doesn’t have to smell bad or have a slight odor if you pay attention to some small details like cleaning wet items before you store them, and also making sure you clean it from time to time.


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