How to Get Rug To Lay Flat : 3 Ways

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How to Get Rug To Lay Flat

We have rugs and carpets in each and every one of the rooms in our house. Over a period of time, they will get old and worn out, and we need to replace them. We can either go into a store and buy them, or we order them, but when we get the rugs, they will be rolled up and need to be laid flat.

Getting a rug to lay flat isn’t that hard if you know the right methods to use, and you will get them to lay flat as if you bought them at the store already laying flat.

How to Get Rug To Lay Flat In 3 Different Ways:

Below is three ways that are really easy to follow to make your carpet and rug lay flat without having a hump in it within minutes of an hour.

Method 1: Place Them In The Sun

Heat plays a large role when creating a rug or carpet. One of these methods below will also include you placing it in the dryer but if your dryer is too small or your rug is too large. You can place the rug outside on a hot sunny day.

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What the sun will do is soften the glue that is holding the carpet together, which will allow the carpet to take any form you want it to take. All you need to do is roll the carpet out as flat as you can get it and leave it in the sun for 1 hour, and the carpet will lay flat in no time, so you can place it wherever you want to place it.

Method 2: Roll Them The Opposite Way

This method doesn’t just work for carpets and rugs that you want to lay flat. You can use it to flatten anything, including paper, clothes, and other things. All you need to do is take the rug, roll it out and then flip it over and roll it in backward. 

Once you do that, roll out the rug, and it will lay as flat as if you bought it at the store. You can repeat this method more than once if it isn’t as flat as you want it to be.

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Method 3: Place In Dry To Heat Them Up

As mentioned in the method above, one heat will soften the rug and allow you to bend it in whatever shape you want it to bend in. This will allow you to roll out the rug, and when the ends are curling up, you can bend them in the opposite direction, and they will lay flat.

To do this, all you need to do is place the rug in the dryer and put it on medium heat setting for 30 minutes and then roll out the rug and then the curled ends down to lay flat.

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Final Thoughts:

Rugs are somewhat important in our household, and all of our houses have them and having a rug that isn’t lying flat can be a risk to you and your kids if you hit it with your toe and fall. This is why it is really important that you follow the methods above or just choose from one of them to get your rug to lay flat so you won’t hurt yourself.

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