How to Clean Bottom Of Shoes : 4 Easy Steps

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How to Clean Bottom Of Shoes

Cleaning the top of your shoes is totally different from cleaning the bottom of your shoes. The bottom of your shoes has all types of bacteria on it and will be stained by grass or some other things. Knowing how to clean the bottom of your shoes is important because gum can stick to it and cause you to slip.

With this step by step method I will show you. Cleaning the bottom of your shoes will be super easy, and you will not do too much work or even use bleach on it, which can damage and brake the threads in the shoes. Let us begin cleaning the bottom of your shoes.

The Process Of Cleaning The Bottom Of Your Dirty Shoes:

Below is the step by step process of how you should clean the bottom of your shoes to remove poop, dirt, gum, or anything that might be stuck on it. This method works for both with and dark color shoes.

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Tools Needed:

Steps To Take:

The first thing you need to do is gather all the cleaning supplies you need to clean the bottom of your shoes and find an area like your outside or in your shower. I would not recommend doing it in the kitchen sink or bathroom skin because the bottom of your shoes might have dog feces on it.

1. Removing Large Chunks Of Debris 

This first step is to remove large Chunks of dirt that might be stuck to the bottom of your shoes in between the groves. What this will do is eliminate some of the work when you are soaking the shoes plus prevent you from working with too much mess, which can make you get the rest of the shoes dirty.

If it is work boots you are cleaning, then you know the bottom will be messy, so I would recommend doing them last if you are cleaning more than one shoe bottom. You can use a butter knife to clean in-between the groves on the shoe bottom.

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2. Clean The Sides Of The Shoes

A. Cleaning the sides of the soul of the shoes is important as well because if the bottom of your shoes is dirty, then the side should be as well based on what you stepped on. For sneakers and boots that have a white soul. You need to wet it slightly with some water and rub some whitening toothpaste on the side of it.

B. Let the whitening toothpaste sit for a few minutes or until you clean the bottom of the shoes. Once the toothpaste has sat for a while, use a toothbrush and brush it until it is clean. It might not come out clean at first, but after a few hours, the whitening toothpaste will bleach out any stains.

C. Do not wash off the sides. Use a paper towel and wipe it off and skip to the next step because the toothpaste will still be working even when you are finished cleaning the shoes.

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3. Soaking The Shoe Bottom 

A. So the secret to getting your shoe’s bottom super clean is soaking it in a mixture that I have come up with that works great with removing stains on any bad odor. I do not recommend using bleach because please can actually break the threads or break down the glue that glues the shoe together.

B. To make the mixture, you need to fill the container that is why I didn’t have to hold both shoes to the point we are the water reaches the soul. Make the water go no higher than 1 inch up on the shoes.

C. Squirt about a teaspoon of whitening toothpaste into the water, and then add a few drops of dish soap. Pour a quarter cup of baking soda into the water and mix it around for a few minutes to get the chemicals working together. Warm water works well, but you can use normal cold water as well.

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D. Place the shoes into the water and leave it for 30 minutes to 1 hour. During that time, the water and the chemicals will soften anything that is on the shoe bottom and allow you to brush it off easily.

4. Clean The Shoe Bottom 

A. Now, you are at the final step, where you will finally get to clean the shoe bottom. Make sure you have on a pair of gloves, then take up one shoe and take the brush and scrub the bottom in one direction. 

B. Differential now and then back in the water to see the progress you are making, and if you’re still seeing dirt or debris on the shoe, keep on brushing onto the bottom of the shoe is clean to the point where you are comfortable.

C. Once you’re comfortable with how clean the shoe bottom is, you can either wash it off with some clean water or use a paper towel and wipe it off, and you should be good to go. If you need to clean the top off the shoes, I will list articles on how to do that, whether it’s at work boots, sneakers, or even leather shoes.

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Can I Use Bleach On My Shoes?

Yes and no! Bleach is a very strong chemical, especially when it is concentrated. Using raw, concentrated bleach on your shoes will destroy the leather or the material that makes it. If you want to use bleach on your shoes, make sure to dilute it in a 1-3 part bleach to water ratio.

Can I Use Vinegar On My Shoes?

Vinegar can be used on your shoes if it’s not leather to help clean and remove stains. The only drawback with vinegar is that you will smell it on your shoes, and you will need to wash it off properly with some sweet soap.

Final Thoughts:

If at some point you step in dog feces or any other feces from animals, you will need to clean the bottom of your shoes immediately. Put on a pair of gloves and lay the sneakers flat on the ground and pour water on it or use a garden hose to wash off the majority of the poop or all of it. 

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When you’re done doing that, you can proceed with the methods above the property clean and remove any old her off the shoes to make it smell and look brand new again.

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