How to Get Sharpie Off Shoes

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How to Get Sharpie Off Shoes

Getting sharpie on your shoes is a common thing if you have toddlers at home. Getting the sharpie off your shoes is the difficult part because you cannot use very acidic chemicals on your shoes. What this article will do is show you how to get the sharpie off your shoes even if it is permanent.

sharpie that is permanent

You will need to be careful with the type of material shoes you have because you have to know what will damage the shoes and how much pressure you can apply to it. With real leather shoes, you need to apply less pressure and use the easiest cleaning method below on it. For the other materials, you can apply more pressure and use any method below.

Using Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Sharpie Off Leather Shoes 

Using rubbing alcohol is a great way to get sharpie off your shoes without damaging the material even if it is leather. The best way to use the rubbing alcohol on your shoes is to first clean the entire shoe and remove dirt and grime so you can see all of the shape marks.

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Once you did that you can either use a cleaning cloth or cotton swabs and wet it with a generous amount of rubbing alcohol and clean the sharpie mark off. You may need to scrub the sharpie mark for a bit for it to come off so be prepared to do that. 

Once the mark has come off you can now wipe the entire shoes clean and you are done. Try to keep your shoes on higher levels far from your kid’s reach.


Clean Plastic And Rubber Shoes With Vinegar

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Vinegar is an acidic chemical that we use every day to cook with, the acid in the vinegar allows it to be a great all-purpose cleaning product that you can use to clean anything without damaging it. Using it to clean your shoes with sharpie marks is quite easy.

Since some shoes have plastic in the materials that make them and some that are made of rubber. These shoes will be much stronger and you can use the raw vinegar on them. You can choose to use a cleaning cloth or cotton swabs but the cleaning cloth will remove the sharpie much easier with less scrubbing.

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Wet the cloth or cotton swab with some of the vinegar and rub the marker mark until you see the mark fading away. If the sharpie was permanent you will need to scrub a lot more to get it out.


Using Nail Polish Remover To Get Sharpie Off-Canvas Shoes 

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Nail polish removal is a great product to use to remove stains in different areas. It can even remove certain types of paint. Canvas shoes are made of cloth and are a lot more delicate than leather shoes. To clean your canvas shoes with the nail polish remover you need to pour some on a piece of paper towel and dab the sharpie marks and rub them.

Once you have dabbed all of the sharpie marks use an old toothbrush and brush away any stains that might be remain. If you want you can pour some of the nail polish remover on the toothbrush and continue to brush the sharpie stains out until they are gone.

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Other Sharpie Stain Removal Process That Can Work On Any Shoes

The two methods below can safely be used on leather, canvas, wood, rubber, and even plastic shoes or boots to get the sharpie mark off it wit damaging it. Follow the methods below carefully.

Remove Sharpie Off Shoes With Sun Screen 

This method surprised me as well but you can use sunscreen to clean off sharpie marks off your shoes. The only drawback with the sunscreen is that you have to scrub the area a lot more and it will not work on marks that have dried up for a long time.

To use the sunscreen on the sharpie marks spray some of the sunscreen only on the area with the marker marks and use a microfiber cleaning cloth and scrub the area clean. I recommend using this method on marker marks that are not permanent.

Erase Sharpie From Shoes

Using a rubberized texture material like a Mr clean magic eraser is a great tool to use to erase the marker mark off your shoes. The magic eraser is one of the best ways to clean your shoes overall because it can clean your entire shoe at the same time while removing the sharpie mark.

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To use the magic eraser you will need to add some dawn dish soap to your shoes and wet the Mr clean magic eraser with some warm water and clean your shoes with it. It may take a few rubs but eventually, it will get the sharpie mark off your shoes.

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Final Thoughts:

If your kids drew on your shoes for the fun of it then you might have your work cut out for you because you will need to clean the entire shoe. But if you drew on your shoes to decorate them then cleaning it should be easy for you because you know the spots where to clean. 

For the material of each delicate shoe, the cleaning method is about and they should only use that method on that type of shoe because if you use for example nail polish on leather it will strip the leather so make sure to check what material your shoes are made of.

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