How to Light A Candle Without A Lighter

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How to Light A Candle Without A Lighter

Cooking fish or just trying to make your house smell good but when you take up your lighter it has no gas or won’t light is an awful feeling. But they are a few ways to light a candle without a lighter that works. Some of these methods can be used if you also have a power outage at home and you need the lights from the candle to see. Here are 5 methods below to light your candle without a lighter.

1. How to Light A Candle With A Match 

A house should have a match in it somewhere even if you do not use it all the time. A match can come in handy in different situations because it’s easier to store than a lighter and can travel without worrying about gas leaking.

person holding match

To use the match to light your candle, just take one out go the matchbox in an environment that is not windy and strict the side of the box with it. It may take a few strikes but when the match catches on fire, light your candle and out the match immediately after. Ensure the match stick is out properly before you place it Into the garbage bin.

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Person lighting candle with match


2. Light A Candle Using Your Stove

lighting paper with stove

Not a lot of people know you can do this to an electric stove or gas stove, you can light a paper with it to light your candle. Using the gas stove is really easy all you need to do is turn on the stove and light a piece of paper then light your candle and that’s it.

But when it comes to electric stoves it can be a little trickier. When using an electric stove to light your candle you will need to use toilet paper twice into a thick roll of about 1/4 of an inch. Turn on the stove and place it on the hottest setting and wait until it is hot.

Place the toilet paper on it for a few seconds without you looking away until it is on fire then you use it to light your candle. Make sure the toilet paper is properly out before you place it in the trash can.

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3. Using A Flint To Light A Candle

Another way you can light a candle inside or outside is by using a flint in you have one around. A flint sparks when it comes in contact with anything that has iron in it so you need to be careful where you place the flint and where you use it.

To use the flint to light the candle you can twice 3 full pulls of toilet paper together and use the flint to light it. The sparks from the flint will immediately light the toilet paper because it is soft and more flammable than paper. Once the toilet paper has caught fire, light the candle and out it immediately because the toilet paper will burn fast and can burn you.

I remember using this method in the kitchen sink or using your bathroom sink where they are fewer things that can accidentally catch fire.


4. Battery And Foil Paper 

person holding duracell battery

Using this method should be your last resort because it can start a fire if you are not careful. If you have a power outage using AAA, AA, C, and D batteries can be used to light a candle if you use it with a piece of aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is a conductor of electricity and will channel the power in the battery into one area if you follow this method carefully.

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What you need to do is take off a piece of aluminum foil two and a half times as long as the battery you are using and fold it twice to give it some strength. In the middle of the foil paper pinch it to form a sharp edge no longer than half of an inch.

Place one end of the foil on the negative part of the battery then the next end on the positive. The foil will conduct the energy from the battery and get heated. Use the section that you pinch to light the candle and immediately take the foil off the battery as soon as the candle is light.


5. Magnifying Glass To Light A Candle

If none of the methods above worked for you, then you can use a magnifying glass to light the candle if you have one laying around. Using the magnifying glass to light a candle will be tricky because you need to have the proper angle while keeping still with the proper amount of lighting from the sun or a bulb.

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You can choose to use toilet paper twice together or a sheet of paper. The toilet paper will be much more flammable so use it if you can. Hold the magnifying glass under the light with the toilet paper about 4-8 inches away from it with the light from the magnifying glass focusing on one area until you see a fire.


In Closing:

If the lights are out and you have a gas stove using that method with the paper to light your candle is the best and safest method to use. You can use it as well if your lighter is out of gas. If you have no light with an electric stove then you need to either use the method with the match or use aluminum foil with some batteries too might have laying around.

Take precaution when you are doing any of these methods because if you are not careful you can end up harming yourself or catching the place on fire

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