How to Get Urine Smell Out Of Couch

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How to Get Urine Smell Out Of Couch 

Urine will stain any material if it stays on it for too long. Especially if the material is fabric. Getting urine smell out of a couch isn’t that hard if you know the right things to do. This ruin can be from your dog or even your kids. This article will get the urine smell out of your couch easily.

When it comes to dealing with urine whether it is from someone else or your pets. You need to use rubber gloves to protect yourself from any bacteria that might be in the ursine especially if it is from your dog or cat. With that being said, let us begin cleaning your couch to remove the urine smell.

Note: Most couches have a cushion on the back and the bottom of it where you can take it off and expose the sponge and wash the fabric. If the using smell is coming from the cushions, simply take off the fabric cover and wash them then air out the sponge and the scent will be gone.

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If the urine scent is still there, then you need to follow the methods below to get the scent out of the fabric that cannot be removed like on the handles, top of the couch, and some other areas.

Ways To Get Urine Smell Out Of Couch: Fabric Material 

Below you will find 6 different ways and methods to clean and get rid of urine smell in your couch without using bleach or anything that might damage the material. 

Method 1. Using Baking Soda To Get Urine Smell Out

Baking soda is well known for absorbing odors in any area including your refrigerator. Using baking soda on your couch to get rid of urine smell will work best if you know where the smell is coming from. When you know where the smell is coming from you can simply sprinkle some of it on the area and it will absorb the smell of the urine in a few hours.

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Another option is that you can sprinkle it all over your couch and leave it for 2 to 5 hours then vacuum the couch out properly and this should remove the urine smell. You can also mix some of the baking soda in warm water and wipe the couch with a wet microfiber cloth and that should help as well.

Method 2. Let The Couch Air Out And Add Air Freshener 

Airing your couch out is simply taking out the cushions and letting air flow right through the couch. Spraying some air freshener on it will help eliminate or even get rid of the urine smell entirely because some air fresheners like Febreze will break down odors.

You can make your own air freshener as well by using essential oils and warm water in a spray bottle and spraying your couch with it. Simply add 10-15 drops of essential oils to a spray bottle with water and shake it well and spray your couch with it.

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Method 3. Bring The Couch Outside 

This method is for those who have someone around who can help them lift the couch outside or if the couch is small enough and you can carry it outside. What will happen is that the sun will literally evaporate the urine water particles that are deep in the couch and remove the smell.

When doing this just make sure it is a sunny day and you check the weather forecast and make sure that it will not rain and your couch will be urine free with a few hours of being outside in the sun.

Method 4. Steam Clean The Couch

Another amazing way to get using smell out of your couch is by steam cleaning it. Steam cleaning your couch involves using a steam cleaner that you have to purchase. This method is for people that love to clean or none of the methods work and steam cleaning is your only option.

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The steam cleaner will penetrate deep down into the couch and remove all the urine smell with just the heat. Use the steam cleaner head that is the flattest that seems like it was made for the floors or to use on fabric. Every steam cleaner is different but they all work similarly. 

Just turn it on let it heat up, choose the right heat and move it over your couch and it should remove the urine smell from it. Let the couch dry properly before using it again or else it will start to smell some type of way in a few days.

Method 5. Give The Couch A Proper Cleaning

Let’s say your child pee his pants or his diaper overflowed and he sat on the couch and move around for a bit. That will make the couch smell like urine and the only thing that will remove that smell is if you give the couch a proper cleaning or try one of the next methods above.

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Deep cleaning your couch involves taking out the cushions and vacuuming where they were. Take off the cushion covers and wash them while making the sponge get some fresh air outside in the sun. You will also give the couch a wipe-down with some disinfectant that will not bleach it. By doing all of this, I can guarantee you that the urine smell will be gone.

Method 6. Wipe The Couch Down With Rubbing Alcohol 

I love to use rubbing alcohol to clean areas in my house where I cannot use bleach. Rubbing alcohol will do a similar job to bleach when it comes to getting rid of bacteria and some odors without bleaching or stripping the material of the surface.

Use rubbing alcohol on your couch. You will need to add some to a spray bottle and spray your entire couch with it. It will work even better if you can directly fine where the urine scent is coming from and spray it directly on the area and let it sit for a few hours until it dries.

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If there is a direct stain area where the urine was. Spray the rubbing alcohol there and the alcohol will penetrate the fabric deep down and brake down the urine particles. To remove the stain mark, wet the area with some more rubbing alcohol and brush it out with a clothes brush or soft toothbrush.

How To Get Urine Smell Out Of Leather Couch:

Below will be a step-by-step guide on how to clean and get rid of the urine smell out of a leather couch without damaging it. Get the necessary supplies needed before you begin cleaning the couch.

Tools Needed:

  • Dawn dish soap
  • Cleaning container
  • Gloves 
  • Paper towel
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Murphys oil soap / Leather conditioner

Steps To Take:

1. The first step you need to take is by putting on a pair of gloves and using a few sheets of paper towel and wiping the majority of the urine that has settled on the leather surface of the couch.

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2. Now you can fill the cleaning container halfway with warm water and add a few squirts of dawn dish soap and mix it around.

3. Dip the microfiber cloth in the water and wipe the area of the couch that was covered in urine until it is clean.

4. The dawn dish soap should mask the smell of the urine while getting rid of the majority of the bacteria that was left behind by the urine.

5. Once you did that use a clean piece of paper towel and wipe the leather surface dry. The dish soap will absorb most of the moisture in the couch so you will need to add some moisture back.

6. To add the moisture back. You will need to wipe down the couch with some Murphy’s oil soap or use some leather milk and your couch should be urine free and smell brand new again.

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Final Thoughts:

When urine touches any fabric it can leave a stain mark. It is important that you immediately clean the couch and remove the ruin from it as soon as you see it with one of the methods above. Doing this will stop you From deep cleaning the couch entirely or having to wash the cushions.

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