How to Get Rid Of Ants In The Bathroom

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How to Get Rid Of Ants In The Bathroom 

Having ants in any place in your house isn’t good at all. Most ants will bite you if you get in their way, so having them in your bathroom, which is one of the most visited places in a house, can be a nightmare for some people getting rid of ants in your bathroom isn’t that hard, and I will show you some nontoxic ways that will not harm animals or kids.

In general, ants target sweets and areas where food is, so if ants are in your bathroom, then you know what can be the problem. With that being said, let us get to getting rid of go ants in your bathroom for good and keep them away permanently.

Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Bathroom

The 6 ways to keep and get rid of ants in your bathroom immediately so you can use it again without worrying about getting bitten by any ants.

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Method 1. Use Borax Mixed With Sugar

This method is an old method that my grandparents use to use to get rid of ants. When using this method, make sure your kids and animals do not have access to your bathroom because borax is toxic if it is taken into the body. This method will attract the ants and get rid of them permanently.

To make the mixture, you will need to mix 1 cup of borax with quarter cups of white or brown sugar together with hot or warm water. Dip 1 or 3 cotton balls into the mixture, and then place the cotton ball in each area where you see the ants coming from or gathering. After they eat the borax and sugar together, they will pass out for good.

Method 2. Use Baby Powder

This hack might surprise you, but baby powder and ants do not go together. When you put baby powder on ants, they immediately start to go crazy, and within minutes they stop moving. This can even be used as an ant repellent because ants move in groups and in straight lines most of the time.

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So if you see the ants coming through the window of your bathroom, you can sprinkle some of the baby powder on the window frame or window sill, and the ants will turn right back. This method will be one of the safest methods you can do because it will not harm anything but the ants in your bathroom.

Method 3. Spray The Ants

If you are the type of person that isn’t affair to use chemicals in spray bottles, then this method is for you. You can head to your local hardware store or even your supermarket, and you will find some sort of insecticide that will get rid of the ants for you within seconds. But there is a huge drawback to using these chemicals.

These chemicals are not good for the body, and sometimes they smell good or seem like you can stay in the scent when you spray it. But do not do that, when you spray these chemicals, close off the area you did it in and then leave the room and wait at least 1 hour before you go back in the bathroom to clean up the ants.

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Method 4. Clean The Bathroom 

Ants are attracted to sweet food, and they will not just come into your house or bathroom just for no reason at all. Rain would have to be falling for weeks straight for them to try and build a nest in your bathroom. A lot of time, your bathroom just needs a little cleaning to remove some sweets and other stuff.

Check your bathroom draws and cabinets to see if the ants are going to something that you left behind. If you give your bathroom a good cleaning, I can guarantee you that the ants will leave within a few hours, especially if you use bleach.

Method 5. Remove Food Source

If you are the type of person who keeps their dirty laundry in the bathroom or does their Laundry in the bathroom, then you might have sweets in the bathroom. This had happened to me before, I left sweets in my clothes, and the ants found them in the laundry in my bathroom. Always clear your pants pockets before you place them in the laundry.

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The next scenario is that you left food in the bathroom trash can for too long. The bathroom trash can isn’t emptied daily, so food that is left in it will invite all different types of insects, including ants in your bathroom. Empty your bathroom try can if you placed food in it by mistake.

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Final Thoughts:

Ants in your bathroom can make you avoid it at all costs, especially if the ant bit is painful. Getting rid of the ants is quite easy and will not take too much effort on your part. You just have to be careful with some of the methods you use around kids and animals.

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