Amazing Ways To Use WD-40

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WD 40 Uses

WD 40 can be used to do so many things to make whatever we do in the house or out so much easier. People think of WD 40 to loosen screws and stop the squeaky doors. In this article, I will show you the best tips and ways I use WD 40 to make things so much easier and the great thing is that wd40 does not expire so you can have a can for a very long time.


1. WD40 On Plastic

Wd40 can be used on some types of plastic to remove sticky residue. For example, you use duck tape on the plastic or gorilla glue, you can clean it off with some wd40. If two plastic material is stuck together, you can spray wd40 in the creases and get them apart without damaging the plastic.


2. Cleaning Dry Erase Board 

If you have a dry erase board at home and someone uses a permanent marker on it, don’t worry. Spray some Wd 40 on the area’s that are covered with the marker.

Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the marks away. You may need to put a little pressure on the area to effectively remove the marks. If the cloth didn’t work, use a sponge.


3. Loosen Old Bolts

If you are trying to loosen a bolt that is really old and you just go and try to get it off, chances are you will lose that bolt or ruin it because you will destroy the groves on it an make it really smooth. What you can do is spray some wd 40 on the bot, let it sit for an hour, and then you can try to remove it.

The same goes here with old screens in wood or appliances, the material of the screw will be really week and easily bent, so spray some wd 40 on it and give it some time before you use any tools on it.

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4. Stucked Ringe On Your Finger

One day someone showed me a ring so I tried it on, to get it off though, it was my worst nightmare. It went on so easily and was a fight to come off, so I tried using some wd 40 on it and I twisted it right off without a problem.

This can save you a lot of money because I knew people who had to get there wedding rings cut off because they gain a little weight and the ring got too tight. Just imagine a 5000$ ring that you have to cut up, that is painful, especially if someone had to work really hard to buy you that ring.


5. Remove Permanent Marker Marks Off Your Hardwood Floor 

If your child somehow finds a permanent mark and decides that he’s going to become an artist on the floor, then you are in big trouble. You will spend so much time trying to get it off with just water and soap, which will be pointless in the end. All you need to do is add some wd 40 to the area and use a cloth and wipe it off, it’s that easy to do.


6. WD40 On Wood 

If you are camping or trying to start a fire at home, WD 40 will come in handy. All you will need is one or three cotton balls. Either spray the WD 40 on the wood or on the cotton balls until they a fully soaked, place the cotton balls on whatever you’re trying to set on fire.



They can burn up to 5 minutes, so this method is useful when you are camping and need a fire started. If the wood for your fire pit got wet you could also use the wd 40 to help boost starting a fire with them, it won’t help to light a fire on the wet wood, but it can make the fire bigger and hot enough on the dry wood to help dry the others that are wet.

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All you need to carry is the WD 40 because first aid kits have cotton balls inside. A bonus is that it can burn in wet areas as well. Click on the link to see the video I made below.



7. Use WD40 On Windows For Insect Repellent 

Insects will find every way to come into your house. It can be under the window or through the door corners. The smallest areas you can think of they will come through there. Wherever you see them coming through or from spray some wd 40 there, and it will keep them away. Spiders and ants hate the smell of WD 40, and if they find themself in it, that’s a sure death for them.

The grease from the WD 40 will work as a glue by sticking their legs together. You can use the wd40 on windows to stop the insects from crawling in. You can wipe it around the frame.



8. WD40 On Stainless Steel

Using WD 40 is a great method to remove watermarks and clean stainless steel. Whether, it’s your pots, pans, or kitchen faucets. Spray the WD 40 on the area and wipe it with a sponge or microfiber cloth. You can use it to wipe down your refrigerator dishwasher and even your stove if they have stainless steel material. Do not wipe the top of the stove with the WD 40 because it’s very flammable.

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9. Removing Tapes

When you have a new window installed or appliances, they will have manufacture stickers on them in someplace that you don’t like. Trying to remove them will leave glue residue all over, trying to scrape it off will be the worst decision you make because when you do get it off, you will see all the scratches you just made. Spray WD 40 on the stickers and leave it for a minute or two, and it will come off easily. You can use this method on any stickers or tape that you want to remove without leaving any residue.


10. Make your shoes water-resistant 

If it’s a rainy day and you don’t have a waterproof shoe, or you just want to wear that one special shoe, here’s a nice little trick. Spray WD 40 on the shoe, and you will be able to use it even if its raining for the day. This isn’t a permanent method, but it’s a quick fix.


11. Cleaning your shoes 

White sneakers we love them, but grass and bumping into stuff are there worse enemies. They will start to look dirty all the time, even if you try to clean them. The trick is using WD 40 whenever you can on them. This will remove the marks and save you from buying a new pair when those could last a few more months.


12. Polish Glass

You might be looking at your car headlights and saying that you may have to buy new a new set because they look so old, but it can be that they want a wipe down with WD 40 to remove the fog and yellow color that developed on them. Do this twice for the month to keep them looking brand new. You can also spray a little Wd 40 on the glass in your house and clean it off as well. That’s if you run out of your window cleaning product or you just don’t have any.

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13. WD40 In Faucet


spraying wd40 up faucet


Why spray wd40 up your faucet you may ask. Hard water in areas leaves deposits in the shut off valve, which causes the pipe to leak. This can be an expensive repair if you have to call the plumber. Many people wonder if you can use wd40 on plumbing, the simple answer is to some extent. This method can fix a stiff faucet handle as well if you spray it around the joint.

The tub spout diverter will eventually be clogged one day. Use WD 40 with its spray nozzle curved up the spout of the faucet to the diverter valve as close a possible.

A couple of sprays will do the job and stop the spout from draining water, which can make your water bill unbelievable and have you wonder what could be the problem and little did you know maybe a few spouts in your home is leaking.


14. WD40 On chrome 

If your car has a lot of chrome on it, you want it to look shiny all the time. Spray some WD 40 on the chrome and give it a few wipes, and it will look brand new again. Make sure not to use too much of it because you will leave the chrome really greasy. That will cause dust and other things to stick to it and make it even harder to clean. What you should do is spray some on one spot and use a microfiber cloth and wipe it all over the area.

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15. Free Glass That’s Join Together


So glasses shouldn’t be put together because you will never get them to be free without breaking one, wd 40 can change that though. If you did it by mistake or someone in the house did it, you shouldn’t get rid of the glasses. Just spray some Wd 40 around it and let it sit for 5 minutes or more and they will come apart easily.


16. Cleaning Shower Glass With WD40

spraying wd40 on shower glass to clean it

Wd 40 can break down and remove the watermarks off your shower glass really easily. Your shower glass will have watermarks on it no matter what you do unless you put a sealant on the glass. The way I clean my shower glass with wd40 is really simple, I just spray it on the affected area and use a sponge, Mr clean magic eraser, or a microfibre cloth to clean it. Gentle rub the mark or stain out in a circular motion.


17. WD 40 In Toilet To Removing hard water stains 

Hard water stains are the minerals that are in the water, and if the water is staying in a place consistently, then the minerals will start to stick to whatever surface it can stick to.

Spray some WD 40 in the toilet bowl and leave it for a while, then go back and scrub it with the toilet brush. Use the nozzle on the WD 40 bottle to reach areas that are harder to clean with the brush. The WD 40 will break down anything that is in the toilet.

You can use this method to clean your toilet as well. Since it can remove stains, cleaning the outside of the toilet is perfectly fine as well.


18. Clean carpet stains

We stain our Carpets regularly without even knowing. It could be pet urine or food stains, wd 40 will help to loosen and break the stain down. You will need to spray the wd 40 on the carpet, lever it for 30 minutes then use a sponge with warm water along with some dawn dish soap to clean the carpet stain.

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19. Prevent Snow Build Up

Removing snow from window

It is winter and we will start to see snow falling pretty soon. Driving with your windows and glass covered in snow can be a really bad idea and will cause an accident soon than later. Wd 40 can be used to create a slippery surface to allow the snow to slip right off without even sticking once. Another trick is to use rubbing alcohol to remove the snow if it is already hardened on the windows and glass.


20. How to remove gum from hair

One of the worse nightmares you can have is having gum in your hair. The thought of cutting out your beautiful hair will drive anyone crazy. Luckily wd 40 has you covered in that section without causing any damage at all to your hair. There will be certain steps needed to take the gum from your hair that you should follow carefully.


  1. Separate the hair that is not stuck to the glue so the wd 40 doesn’t get on that.
  2. Gentle spray some of the wd 40 on the area where the gum is in your hair. Let it sit for a few minutes before you try to remove the gum.
  3. This method will work better if you have someone to slowly pull the gum away from your hair. After you pull out all the gum, use your shampoo to wash and remove the wd 40 smell from your hair.
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Frequently Ask Questions:


Can you spray wd40 on water shut off valve?

Yes, you can use it on your water shut off valve to loosen a stiff pipe or faucet handle without calling the plumber. Just remember to clean off any residue of the wd 40 that is left so it doesn’t get on your skin.

How to get rid of carpenter bees with wd40?

Carpenter bees are not aggressive and will not attack you unless they are handled or provoked.  Using wd4o on carpenter bees will eventually kill them because it will disable them from flying and other insects will feed on them. You can use it on them, but when they are on the ground disabled from flying and will be in a defense mode. If you take your eyes off them for a second and lose them, you can accidentally get stung by stepping on one. Do not use wd40 on a nest of carpenter bees.

Will wd40 kill wasps?

The wd40 will not get rid of the wasps immediately, it will only disable them from flying permanently. Their wings will be stuck together and will the wd 40 dries, it weighs them down. At this point, you can do whatever you want with the wasps. I would not recommend you go to a wasp nest and spray the wd40 on them, I can guarantee you that you will not get all of them in one go and you will end up getting stunk. So call an exterminator if you find out you have a wasp nest at your house or wherever. If you see like 1 or 2 wasps in your house you can use wd40 on them at this point because it is safe.

Can you put wd40 on brakes?

No, you should never do this. This can lead to a dangerous accident because the oil from the wd40 gets on the brake rotor and the brake pads. That combination will reduce your braking by 80% and ruin your brake pads. I have made the mistake of doing this and it almost leads to a disaster on the road when I tried to stop.

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Does WD 40 remove tint glue?

Wd 40 is great when it comes to removing and breaking down glue residue. Yes, you can use it on tint glue to remove it but, if you are not careful you can ruin your window mechanism if the wd 40 isn’t cleaned off properly. The way your car window works is by a thing pushing against the window to push it up or down,  If the window is too grease, it won’t have enough force to push it up or pull it down. The best way to clean window tint glue off is by using steam. Most car tint window shops have this machine and will not charge a lot to clean off the residue.


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