How to Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

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How to Get Rid Of Mockingbirds

Mockingbird birds are beautiful creatures, but when you have too many of them around, you will eventually get annoyed. Getting rid of mockingbirds without harming them is the best way I would recommend doing it because they help the ecosystem by getting rid of certain insects or just keeping them away.

Mockingbirds will build their nest near your house sometimes, and you will see them flying around. They might be causing trouble in your garden or pooping on your deck or patio, and you want to get rid of them for that. Well, below, I will give you 5 different effective methods to choose from that will work in hours or days.

Methods On How To Get Rid Of A Mockingbird 

Here are five ways that I have used before to keep mockingbirds away from my house, garden, and other places without hurting them at all. 

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1. Trick Them With Fake Predators

Ninety percent of the animals in our environment have natural predators that feed on them. This method will not just work on mockingbirds, it will work on every other bird that you are having problems with around you. You do not have to worry, and you won’t be getting an actual live bird.

You will be purchasing a fake bird that actually stands still and move its head just like how a mockingbird’s natural predator would. Hawks and owls and other large birds will be the type of birds that feed on mockingbirds. I will leave a link to this fake owl that you can buy right now and get rid of mockingbird birds at your home or on your farm. Link to Fake Hawk

2. Remove Food Source 

Mockingbirds love birds and other insects that you will find around your house. This alone will not just have mockingbirds flying around your house. If you have a bird feeder, this can be one of the main reasons you have a mockingbird problem. A bird feeder will be easy free food for a mockingbird and will even attract a lot of them.

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Removing your bird feeder will stop other birds from coming but if you really hate or just do not want to have mockingbirds around, then you will get rid of the bird feeder or place it somewhere further from your house or even your garden.

3. Trap Them

If you find that the two methods above will not work for you. Then you can try and get rid of them by trapping them and relocating them to a different place. The bird might find its way back home, but it might be sacred to come back to your location because you had captured them or even if it is just one.

You can buy traps online from different places. I have searched Amazon, and they tend to not have them, but if you just search it only, you will find a lot of other places selling them. Use this to trap the mockingbirds, and you can do whatever you want with them.

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4. Block Off What They Want

If you do not have any problem with the mockingbirds flying around your house, but they are feeding on something that you do not want them to feed on. You can simply buy nets online and mesh around anything and prevent the mockingbirds from coming near them. Making the cover with the mesh is pretty easy and you can do it alone without anyone.

5. Use Bird Repellent

Have you ever gone into someone’s yard or passed it on, you see a shiny chrome thing spinning? Then this might surprise you, that is actually a bird repellent. When the object spins around and shines, it will scare the birds off and prevent them from coming into the yard.

This is actually one form of bird repellent because you can actually use sounds and get rid of them as well. These sounds are ultrasonic, and you cannot hear them. Only the birds can hear them and will immediately fly away from that area because it will drive them crazy if they stay too long.

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Final Thoughts

Mockingbirds are lovely birds, and they have to get rid of bugs and other insects on your lawn and around our house. If you see one flying around your house or eating something in your garden, you can just get one of the bird repellent that reflects light at them, and it will keep the mockingbirds away. That is one of the easiest methods that works every time.

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