How to Mess With Someones Car Without Damaging It In 12 Ways

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How to Mess With Someones Car Without Damaging It

Whether the person is your partner or family member. Messing with someone’s car without damaging it and making them feel it is damaged is a great way to prank someone for something they did or just to have fun.

None of these methods will damage the car or put the person in any harm’s way. All these methods are cosmetic and reversible. Get ready to have some fun with someone.

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How to Mess With Someones Car Without Damaging It

Below are 12 ways to mess with someone’s car while making them laugh and worry if the car is ok but you know that everything is reversible or washable.

1. Send A Picture Of A Crash Car

Sending a crash car picture to someone that looks similar to their car can make them freak out. The first thing you want to do is text them and tell them everything is ok and you are fine. When they start texting what happens just send them the picture and wait to reply after 30 minutes.

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This will drive them crazy for a few minutes then you call them and tell them it was a prank. They will get mad at you but if you are pranking them back this is the best way to go to get the ultimate reaction.

2. Paint It With Washable Paint

This is a very common prank but you can spray paint things on someone’s car and make them think that the paint is real. These paint are like chalk and wash right off with water but super realistic.

3. Put Toilet Paper On The Car

Toilet paper prank is a classic Halloween prank that kids and people use on houses and people’s trees. This prank will require a little time but will give the person you are messing with a laugh or get upset when you cover their entire car with toilet paper.

4. Put Fart Spray In The Car

People usually use fart spray when they are next to someone, but what if you borrow the person’s car or say you are going to clean the car and leave some fart spray in it after you give it back. This will drive them crazy for an hour or so then the scent wears out. 

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To make this work you need to put it in the car minutes before you give them the car so the scent doesn’t wear out before they can smell it.

5. Take-Off Air Flow Sensor

mass air flow sensor connector

This is a savage prank that will make the person feel that their car isn’t working properly. The mass airflow sensor controls the airflow of the engine and if you disconnect it the car will shut off as soon as they drive off.

Be careful with this prank because you do not want the car to shut off on the highway. This also works best on older cars that won’t tell them what is wrong. They may drive for 5 minutes then the car shut off and after a few minutes of sitting, it can drive it again. To fix the car back just reconnect the mass airflow sensor.

6. Write Honk On Car Window Or Rear Bumper

car back glass

On a piece of large paper, write honk at me because it is my birthday. After 4 hunks the person will start to get upset and what can make it worse is if you are there with them and keep telling them that they are a bad driver.

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7. Peanut Butter Under Car Door

red car door handle

Peanut butter can feel a lot like feces. Imagine how someone would feel if they feel it underneath their car door. They will immediately feel shocked and think it is poop. If you are near the person they will try to wipe it on you so be careful.

8. Sneak Away With The Car 

This trick is for people that want to prank their partner because you have to have access to the keys. What you need to do is give someone the key and let them drive the car away when the person is not looking then tell them that you don’t see the car. You can do this if they go to a supermarket and when the person comes out they don’t see their car.

9. Put Turbo Sound On Exhaust 

This one is a funny one because each time they accelerate they will hear a turbo whistle from the car and wonder if an animal is in the car. Here is a link to some of these products on amazon.

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10. Wrap The Person’s Car in Pink

This prank will cost you some money to buy some wrap. But you do not have to wrap the entire car, you can wrap the hood or the bumper pink. If the owner is a guy he will freak out on you at first but laugh at it in the end.

11. Call Them And Tell Them The Car Is Missing 

Every car comes with 2 keys. What you can do is take the spare one and give someone to sneak the car out the driveway and tell your partner or friend that you do not see the car. Wait first to tell them that you pranked them when they try to call someone.

12. Funny Things To Write On Cars

These are the 4 best funny things to write on someone’s car

I Don’t have a license

Sorry I Scratched Your Car On Window

I Love Skinny Dipping 

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My sister is my wife

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