How to Get Sharpie Off A Pumpkin

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How to Get Sharpie Off A Pumpkin

Kids love to draw on pumpkins whether it is Halloween or for a school project. Even adults find it fun as well. Majority of the time when we draw on a pumpkin we use it as a mark so we can cut it out afterward. But sometimes we make mistakes and want to get the sharpie off a pumpkin so that we can re-draw again.

Most of the time we use permanent markers / a permanent sharpie to draw on the pumpkin and a permanent sharpie cannot be wiped off using just water. Below are 4 effective methods you can use that work in seconds.

How to Get Sharpie Off A Pumpkin

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Things Needed:

1. Using Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover is strong enough that it can even remove paint from tiles and even plastic. When you are using nail polish remover I strongly recommend using gloves and a face mask so that you do not inhale the nail polish for too long. Also if the kids are the ones drawing on the pumpkin, wipe off the pumpkin properly before you give it back to them.

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To get the sharpie off a pumpkin you will need a few sheets of folded paper towels based on how much sharpie is on the pumpkin. If it is a lot you will need 5 or more sheets of paper towel.

Pour a generous amount of nail polish remover/acetone on one piece of paper towel and wipe the sharpie mark in a circular motion. Within a few seconds, most of the sharpie will be on the paper towel and you will need to switch to a new one. You can add more nail polish remover as well.

When all the sharpie is off the pumpkin. Clean the area of the pumpkin off with some clean water to get the nail polish odor out.

2. Using Rubbing Alcohol To Remove Sharpie Off Pumpkin

Rubbing alcohol is a great all-purpose cleaning product that can use on any surface without causing any harm or change of color. Using rubbing alcohol on a pumpkin to get the sharpie permanent marker mark off is one of the best ways to do it because it doesn’t have a toxic smell to it. but using the rubbing alcohol will require you to scrub the pumpkin more to get the marker mark off.

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All you need to do is pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on a piece of paper towel or cleaning cloth and wipe the sharpie off the pumpkin. You may need a few pieces of paper towel or more than one cleaning cloths depending on how much sharpie is on the pumpkin. 

3. Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Sharpie Off Pumpkin

Hydrogen peroxide is another way you can get sharpie off a pumpkin. But this method might take a little wiping because it works best on none permanent marker marks. Just add some hydrogen peroxide to a piece of paper towel or cloth and scrub the sharpie off the pumpkin.

You may need to repeat this process a few times so have enough rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to clean the pumpkin off so you can draw again on it.

4. Using Sun Screen To Clean Sharpie Off Pumpkin 

This one surprised me but sunscreen can get a sharpie off your skin and it can get it off a pumpkin as well. You just need to spray the area on the pumpkin that has the sharpie on it and wipe the sharpie off.

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You can also spray it on paper towels or a cleaning cloth and use it that way to get specific parts of the sharpie off a pumpkin.

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Getting sharpie off a pumpkin can be really easy. The best method above is by using nail polish remover/acetone to clean off the pumpkin and start over fresh. The video show is me getting the sharpie off a honeydew Melon because I couldn’t get any pumpkin and the Melon and pumpkin has a similar outer layer so it will work the same.

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