How to Cover A Closet Without Doors

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How to Cover A Closet Without Doors 

Having a closet without doors can make your room look like a mess. Not everyone has the time to put up a closet door or you simply want to go a cheaper root. Some of these methods are really easy and will not require any tools to be used or some may require a small screwdriver.

1. How to Cover A Closet Without Doors With A Curtain

Closet doors can cost upwards of a 100$ or more these days plus you have to pay someone to install it if you do not have someone at home. I quick and easy way to cover your closet without a door is by using a curtain with a curtain rod.

This is a simple and quick fix to fixing your open closet look. All you need to buy is the adjustable curtain rods that you twist to tighten and your favorite type of curtain and put it up. It is that simple, just make sure to have an idea of how wide the closet opening is so you can get the right size rod.

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2. Using A Shower Curtain To Cover A Closet Without Doors 

Using a shower curtain to cover your closet can seem a little off. But not every shower curtain is cheap plastic. This method is similar to how you would use the curtain to close off your closet. All you will need is the shower curtain rod and a shower curtain of your liking.

If you use the shower curtain rod that doesn’t require screws, this installation will only take a few minutes.


3. Wall Dividers

Wall dividers were made to separate rooms. But some of them seem portable and can slide or fold. Using one of these can be a temporary fix to a closet without doors. Not every wall divider is heavy, some are very thin and portable enough to where you can store them underneath your bed.

If you choose to use this method, I would recommend using the divider that folds in two or three. This will make it much easier for you to get in and out of the closet without moving the entire divider.

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4. Semiautomatic Window Blinds 

Semi automatic window blinds are the type of window blinds where you push it up or push it aside and it slides easily up or down or left or right. You just use your hands to pull it open without using a cord. If you do this the right way this can give your room an extra custom look to it.

I will link to some window blinds that you can buy on Amazon right now that you can get as wide as 84W inches by 84H Inches. When you need to open them all you need to do is push up and when you need to close them you just push down.


Other Ideas To Cover A Closet Without Doors

The methods below are ideas that you can use if you choose not to use a traditional closet door.

1. Sliding Doors 

Sliding doors are a great way to make your room look a lot different. If you have a farmhouse country-style look in your mind then this idea is for you. The other benefit of sliding doors is that it takes up a lot less space so you can have more things closer to your closet where a normal door would swing open.

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2. Sliding Mirror Door

Sliding mirror doors are similar to regular doors. The difference and benefit of this door is the mirror on it. Each time the door is closed you will have a full-body mirror that you can use. This also frees up space in your room where a regular standing mirror would hang.


3. Glass Doors With Tint

If you want a glass door but you do not want to see into your closet, then you can get the galls tinted. You can either buy a tinted glass or pay someone to come to your house and tint it with whatever percentage tint. 

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