How to Steam Clean A Mattress

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How to Steam Clean A Mattress 

steam clean mattress

The best way to clean a mattress is to steam clean it. Learning how to steam clean a mattress the proper way is what this article will teach you. When you steam clean a mattress, you have to be careful on how near or far you are holding the steamer because too much moisture will cause a nightmare to get out.

My personal bed needed a proper cleaning because it started to have a brown color to it with a slight odor. I will show you how I do it with my own personal bed and steam cleaning machine I use. This article will transform the way your mattress look and smell.


How Clean Is Your Mattress?

Some mattress doesn’t show when it needs a cleaning based on the color of it. The majority of us will have a white mattress which will start to show dirt marks like in the picture above. You might not smell it because your nose will get used to a scent overtime.

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We sweat during our sleep and that transfers to your mattress whether it is a memory foam or a regular mattress. So cleaning it will be necessary every 6 months to remove that sweat and dead skin.


{ Con } of steam cleaning Your Mattress 

One of the biggest problems when it comes to steam cleaning a mattress is the moisture that will be leftover. This can cause mold and mildew to form which is bad for your health. To overcome this (con) you will need to dry the mattress properly before using it again. I will list the best ways to dry a mattress below.


Things Needed to steam clean mattress: 

Steam cleaner

Fabreze air freshener 

Scrub brush



Baking Soda


Step By Step cleaning method to steam clean mattress

This is the step-by-step cleaning method that I use to clean my mattress with a picture guide so you won’t make any mistakes, plus ways you can use it to dry your mattress faster to prevent mold and mildew.

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1. Clear The Bed

The first thing you need to do to get started is to remove everything from the bed. Remove the mattress padding, sheets, toys, and any other large foreign objects that might get sucked into the vacuum when you reach that stage.

You will need to gather everything so you won’t have to be running around to get them. Prep the steam cleaner because it needs time for the water to get hot, get the scrub brush and the baking soda and place them in one area.


2. Add A Deodorizer To The Bed

using baking soda on bed to remove odor

In this step, you will need to add a deodorizer to your bed to help remove the odor that was caused by your sweat. My go-to deodorizer is baking soda and vinegar, but on your bed, you can sprinkle baking soda all over it and let it sit for one hour then vacuum it up.

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Vacuum mattress

There are other deodorizer out there that you can buy on amazon in liquid forms. Use whatever deodorizer you want of your liking in this step, but if you use baking soda let it sit for one hour before you do the next step.


3. Steam Clean Deep Stains First

removing stain with steam cleaner

Deep stains on your bed will appear in areas where you normally sleep at night. You will see a small outline of stain marks where you sleep and these areas will take time to get out. Pick up the steam cleaner and attach the end that suits where you are cleaning and stay 4 to 6 inches away from the bed if you are using the spray nozzle, so too much moisture doesn’t get too deep into the bed. If you are using the cleaning pad, you go as close as possible.

pad to clean bed

Steam clean the area until you see the stain breaking down to the point where you can use a microfiber cleaning cloth wet with warm water to wipe the area until the stain is gone. You can use a slightly damped scrub brush if the stain is really hard to come out.

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removing stain on mattress


4. Steam Clean Mattress 

using steam cleaner to clean mattress

When you are satisfied that you have removed the stained areas, you can go ahead now and clean the entire mattress. Do section by section so you don’t miss any spots. Make sure not to forget to clean the sides of the mattress even though they look clean and not dirty.

cleaning side of bed with steam cleaner

If your mattress has groves in it, use the spray nozzle to get into those greases and remove any dirt that might have built up.

cleaning bed with steamer


5. Dry The Mattress 

drying bed with clothes iron

This is the stage where if you are not careful you can ruin your mattress if you place back the sheets on it and it is not fully dry. There are 3 different methods to use to dry the mattress after you have steam cleaned it. These methods are using a clothes iron, placing the steam clean mattress outside in the sun or you let a standing fan blow on it to dry the mattress.

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drying side of bed

The best method to use is the clothes iron, the heat will penetrate the mattress and dry it quickly.


Other Ways To Clean A Mattress:

Below will be other alternative methods to clean your mattress without steam cleaning it. If a steam cleaner is out of your budget. These methods will work just the same, but they won’t penetrate and get rid of some of the bacteria as how the steam cleaner would.

Using a Deep Cleaner

A stain deep cleaner is similar to a steam cleaner but it wets the mattress and pulls out the water at the same time. This will wet the mattress a lot so do not use this method if you are not able to dry the mattress properly for more than 24 hours. This method is easy to do because the deep cleaner will do everything.

Let The Sun Clean It

Growing up as a kid and we usually pee in the bed. This is the way we usually get the smell of urine out of the mattress. We just leave it in the sun for a few hours and the smell will be gone. You can do this as well, along with a little scrubbing to get stain marks out and let it dry.

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Washing it with a Brush

This is the go-to method that you will think of when you see your mattress is dirty. This method works well and you only need to make the mattress dry properly.

Step 1:

To wash it, you can pour some dawn dish soap in a large enough clean container with warm water.

Step 2:

Use the scrub brush and brush the mattress, but not too hard that it will damage the fabric. After you have done that leave its outside to dry or use a hairdryer to dry it. If you have a clothes iron at home use the heat to dry it.



Can you steam clean a memory foam mattress?

Yes, you can steam clean a memory foam mattress if you clean it the proper way but not let too much moisture get into it.

Can you steam clean a mattress?

In general, any mattress can be steam cleaned if it is done the proper way and give it time to dry. Letting it air dry in the sun is one of the best ways to ensure it dries so no mold and mildew can form on it.

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