How To Organize Your Pantry In 10 Easy Ways

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How To Organize Your Pantry In 10 Easy Ways


Your pantry is your most important weapon in the kitchen. But when you have more than a few spices to store, it’s often hard not to feel like your cabinet has turned into an overgrown garden of plants slowly dying from neglect!

It’s so easy for your pantry to become an out-of-sight, out-of-mind space that becomes cluttered and difficult to navigate with time passing by unnoticed.

Whether you have a small corner in your kitchen, or ample space at your disposal, designating a special spot just for pantry organization storing is sure to make life easier when it comes down to spending time in the kitchen.

With this helpful list of ingenious pantry organizing ideas, putting dishes together will be more enjoyable and quicker than ever before.

10 Ways To Organize Your Pantry


#1 Keep Baking Supplies Within Reach

Transfer common ingredients — such as flour, sugar, and pasta — into mason jars (or any glass jar with a lid.) They can be placed on the middle shelf for easy access.

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For small jars that will not fit below these larger containers, create a second display on the upper shelf with spices, dried fruit, nuts, or other specialty items. This pantry organizer idea not only hides away the clutter, but keeps everything within reach.

Hint: For small pantry organizations, you can hang two jars from a hook with an S-hook to save space!




#2 Install a Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door in your pantry is sure to grab attention and make a statement. Adding the door will save up space and time by making it easier for you to see all of your options when cooking — without having to shuffle through each item one-by-one on the shelf.

Hint: Farmhouse pantry doors are a great pantry idea to conceal any pantry disorganization, making it easy to present a well-kept pantry when guests come over!




#3 Use Rolling Hampers

Repurpose the clothes hampers in your house into an efficient pantry organizer! Rolling hampers can even hold things like reusable shopping bags. Use this pantry storage idea to save space, and as an easy way for kids to reach items inside.

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Hint: Rolling hampers are easy to move around!




#4 Paint Walls a Bright Color

Paint the pantry walls a bold color to make them pop and feel more spacious. Painting your pantry is a quick way for you to transform any corner of the kitchen into an ideal spot for food storage, as well as give off that cozy feeling when entering!

Hint: If you’re not ready to change your whole room, use cheerful colors in the pantry to make it instantly look more organized.

#5 Fill Pantry Drawers with Labeled Containers

Pantry drawer


Drawers are a great way to store different types of items, such as cooking oils or canned goods. With this pantry storage idea, label the drawers for easy identification and use containers with lids that easily stack on top of one another so you can see everything stored within them!

Hint: Use clear jars with labels written in permanent marker for quick labeling when necessary!


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#6 Arrange Baskets High and Low

Incorporate baskets into your pantry organization by placing them on the bottom shelf to hold things like spices, baking mixes, and seasonings. More significant items can also be stored in these containers since they are easily accessible when needed.

Hint: Place smaller baskets higher up so you don’t have to bend over every time looking for something!




#7 Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-out drawers are a pantry organization idea that’s sure to change the way you store food. This option is advantageous because it doesn’t require much space, and they can be loaded with all sorts of condiments, canned goods, or small appliances — basically anything!

Hint: Pantries made for pull-outs usually come in a set of three or more, which is perfect for organizing different types of items.

Some pull-out drawers are already attached to a pantry shelf with an extension that allows you to store taller items on the top shelves without blocking your view!

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#8 Install Frosted Pantry Doors

Paint your pantry doors with frosted paint to give them a clean and polished look. This is an easy way for you to hide any inevitable clutter and show off the colors tucked inside without a clear view of any mess!

Hint: Frosting pantry doors will also help create that welcoming feeling when opening up your kitchen.

#9 Take Cans and Jars Off Your Pantry Shelves

If you’re looking for a pantry organization idea that will really transform the way your food is stored, then take cans and jars off shelves! Cans can be stacked on top of one another in condensed spaces (like under the sink), while glass jars are perfect for storing items like flour or sugar.

Also, by organizing your items by category, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for much quicker.

Hint: Take your canned goods off the shelves when possible, as this will also make it easier on children — they won’t have to move cans around every time they’re looking for their favorite snack!

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#10 Label Trash and Recycling Bins

Save the planet one step at a time with this pantry idea. First, label each trash and recycling bin with the type of waste it is designated for. This will help those in your home easily find what they’re looking for, as well as keep everything organized!

Hint: It’s also a good idea to keep any recyclables lined up on top of one another, so they don’t get buried and forgotten! You can also use symbols for easy identification, like a recycle symbol or trash as the label.

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