How To Organize Kids Toys: A Helpful illustrated Guide

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How To Organize Kids Toys

We all want our children to be able to let their imagination and creativity run wild as they embark upon many adventures with their toys and puzzles. But how are they able to do that when their toys and puzzles are everywhere, cluttering the floor and making it almost impossible for them to play? It is time to put an end to this dilemma and find a way of organizing kids’ toys so that you can have the house you want back again.

Organizing kids’ toys is not that complicated, but it requires patience and creativity to find the right spot for each toy. What is right will vary from one kid to another; what works for one child might not work for the other. You will need to try a few things, and see what you can come up with before finding the perfect solution.

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Keep in mind that, at first, your kids might not be happy with how you organized their toys… But trust us, they will live! Here are some of the best ways to organize kids toys!


Best Ways to Organize Kids Toys

Organize toys in playroom

1. Make a Plan

Start by making a plan for cleaning up your home and getting rid of all the junk that has been building up over time. Don’t just throw things away, but see if you can give them to someone else who might be able to use them. That way, your home will look organized and clean in no time, and someone else will benefit too!


2. Get Cleaning

toys on floor

Start to clean out each room and take everything off of shelves and tables. Sort through and discard any broken or useless parts, especially those with sharp edges. Now you should have a clean slate to work with, and you can start organizing kids toys.

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3. Organize Kids Toys By Category

Organized toy self

Make this simpler by organizing kids toys by category and label them. For instance, put educational toys together, and so on. This will not only help you to stay organized, but your kids will love it too! You can also use the same category for similar-looking toys; this will make it easier for your young ones to find their favorites, without having to dig through a big pile of mess!


4. Keep Light Toys In Easy Reach

Small and lighter toys, like stuffed animals or cars and trucks, can be easy to store if you keep them in low boxes, shelves, or baskets. These are the types of toys that kids will play with on their own. They don’t want to get up and walk across the house every time they want a new one; they would rather play with what is within reach!

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5. Organize Books, DVDs, and Other Hard-Shelled Toys

We know that Netflix and Disney Plus are great ways to keep kids entertained, but if you’re old-fashioned, you probably have a lot of books or movies that your kids love to watch over and over again. If so, you can use shelves with closed compartments to keep them organized. You can stack the boxes however high they go; this way, your kids can easily access them and get a new book or movie whenever they feel like it.


6. Organize Kids Toys In Living Room

This is the area where most of your toys will end up, so you should definitely pay attention to how you organize it! You don’t want kids to trip over the toys that they leave on the floor, so you will need a place that is easily accessible in case your kids want to play with them.

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When you organize kids toys in living rooms, make sure that there are enough bookcases or box shelves for all of them. You can also use a toy chest to store some of their favorite games and action figures; if it is big enough, your kids will even be able to put their feet up on it when they are watching TV!

Children play with toys for many different reasons, including simply because they like to possess something. But that can quickly become a problem if several toys litter the floor and stop them from doing anything. It is time to take back control of your home by organizing kids toys in living rooms once and for all.


7. Put Together a Toy Chest

This is a great tool to have in any home with kids. It can be used to store multiple items in one place, such as crafts that they made and their barbie dolls. You can put it in the living room or even in your kid’s bedroom! It will help them learn how to clean up after themselves, and they will be happy to have a designated space for their toys! You can either start a DIY project and make one yourself or go to IKEA and buy a toy organizer.

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8. Make Use of Hanging Baskets

You don’t have to keep your toys on the floor if you don’t want to; use hanging baskets, which can be a great way to organize kids toys. They are suspended in mid-air, so they won’t get all over the place. This is especially useful for keeping stuffed animals in one place!


9. Label Where The Toys Should Be

Labeling where the toys should be will eliminate the clutter in the playroom when they go to look for a specific toy. Having bins specifically put aside just to put those legos in that give our foot a heart attack.

For other small toys and dolls, you can store them in a storage box underneath the chest of drawers in the family room or playroom.


10. Utilize The Closet

baby diapers in closet storing

The closet in the bathroom is a great storage solution to store diapers and wipes. It can be a huge space saver to help declutter the drawer to store much more things.

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