How to Shame Someone Who Owes You Money

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How to Shame Someone Who Owes You Money

This had happened to me before when I lent someone money, but they refused to pay me back or they tried to hide from me. Shaming someone isn’t the best action to take, but sometimes you have to do it to get back your money because you need it at the moment. How to shame someone who owes yo money in the proper way is what this article will do.

Before you try any of the methods below, make sure that the person you lent the money to isn’t in a position where you cannot pay it back, and you shame them publicly and make things worse for them. My advice is to only lend someone enough money you are willing to lose or what you can do without for a while.

Way On How To Shame Someone Who Owes You Money

Below are some ways to shame someone who owes you money and make them give you back the money right away or feel bad enough to try and give you back. Perform these actions with caution because they will hurt the person’s feelings.

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1. Confront Them And Tell Your Mind

Simply asking a person for your money back sometimes does not work, and you will need to tell them your mind. Telling them your mind includes how you feel and why they should give you back your money at the moment. Telling a person your mind sometimes will shame them.

But if you can make good points to them about your money. It will make them feel embarrassed enough to make them give you back your money. By simply telling them that they are selfish will work most times, so try it.

2. Post It On Social Media

Social media is a very popular place at the moment, and everyone is on it and trying to fit in and make it seems like they have a perfect life going on. The thing with social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter is that you can tag people you know, and it will show to their friends.

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You can simply write and tag them that (I can have my money back that you borrowed for the period of time they did). This will definitely get them upset, but you will get back your money the same day or days afterward. But beware of this method because the person will get upset.

3. Put A Sticker On There Car

A person’s car is seen by a lot of people, and if they see signs on it about something. Someone beside them driving will definitely say something to them about it. Even when they drive to work and park. Their co-workers will talk to them about it.

When someone else talks to someone about the money they owe, they will get mad and upset and confront you about it. At this time, you can say you will stop if they give you back the money they owe you.

4. Tell There Family Or Friend

People like to hide stuff they do that they’re not proud of from their family and friends. I know for a fact I wouldn’t want my mother and my brother to know if I took money from someone and refused to pay them back. If I ever heard that, I know they would confront me about it, and I would personally feel ashamed.

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If you know the person’s family that you lent money to, just tell one of the closest family members of them, and that family member will confront the person, you like the money, and that will make you get the money back faster plus making them feel ashamed at the same time.

5. Complain About Money When You Are Around Them

Let’s say you and the person is close to whom you lent the money, and you spent a lot of time around them. Complaining about the money constantly around them in directly will make them feel so ashamed that it will destroy them on the inside because you’re not confronting them about it but saying something about it.

What you can say is, oh, I wish I had such and such money right now to buy such and such because I really need it at the moment and my pay isn’t coming in the bank till next week. If you keep saying stuff like that around them, eventually they will cave in and ask you if you want your money back I will try to give it to you no matter what.

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6. Prank Them And Call The Police 

90% of people are afraid of the police. What you can do is a prank call the person like you’re the police and tell them that someone has reported that they have stolen money from you and refuse to give it back. This will also shock them and make them feel afraid and ashamed and will give you back the money instantly because they do not want you to do something similar again.

7. Ask Them About The Money In A Crowd

When we were kids, we embarrassed our parents more than most when we were in public, and we asked them personal questions that should only be asked at home or in a closed area we are no one was. Confronting the person and asking them about the money in an open area like the supermarket or the mall will shock them and make them feel shame at the same time.

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What you can say to them is, call their name and ask for the amount of money they have for you and say what you need it for and how long they haven’t paid you back. The look on their face will be so shocking that they maybe reach in their purse or wallet and give you the money back instantly.

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Final Thoughts:

When someones owe you money, and you need it, it can be a nightmare to get it back. Use any of the methods above, and I will guarantee you that they will want to give you your money back and will never try to borrow much from you again. Do them with caution.

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