How To Clean Bath Mats: Easy Step By Step Guide

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How To Clean Bath Mats

I love seeing a clean bathroom rug and a clean bath mat at the same time. Having the fluffiest bathroom rugs can make our bathroom look so special when they are clean, however, they trap dust so fast and take every dirt off our foot. Not to mention the bath mats in the shower that trap every dirt and grease that washes off our body when we shower.

There are so many different types of bathroom mats and bath mats we may have, so I will teach you how to clean, rubber mats, microfiber mats, memory foam mats, and mats with suctions on the back. Before we start, you should always double-check the tag on the back of the mat to ensure it is machine washable if you choose that option.

Things needed:

  • Bleach
  • Scrub Brush
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • White Vinegar
  • Sponge Or Magic Eraser
  • Spray Bottle
  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Toothbrush


How Wash Bath Mats By Hand In General

cleaning a bath mat

On the back of the bathroom rug or bath mat, check to see if it says that it can be washed in the machine so that you do not make the mistake and ruin your expensive rug or mat. Some chenille bath mats and microfiber mats can be washed in the machine. Washing a bathroom mat by hand is the safest way to wash the mat even though it might take a little elbow grease.

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1. Carry all the mats you want to wash outside and beat them out to remove any dust or foreign objects. You can use a broom to beat the bath mat.

2. Full a large enough container withhold water and place the mat in it.

3. Add 3 squirts of dishwashing liquid to the and leave it to soak for 30 minutes.

4. Use a scrub brush and brush the math to get out any stains or debris. If it has glue stock to it, you can use goo gone to get it out.

5. Place the mat flat and use a hose to wash it off properly and let it air dry. Read the page on the back to see if you can put the bath mat in the dryer to dry.


How To Machine Wash Bath Mats

samsung washing machine

Washing your bathroom rugs or bath mats in the washing machine is the easiest and simplest way to do it. It gets most stains out without you scrubbing it, and the machine does all the work for you. Before you place it in the machine check to see if it is ok to place it in it.

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1.  Check the bath mat label, if it is ok to place it in the machine. You can add bleach to the machine only if the mat is white.

2. Add a laundry detergent that isn’t too strong to dis- color the mat.

3. Set the machine on the coldest setting for 45 minutes and leave it. You can give it extra rinse time if the rug is really dirty.

4. Place the rug in the dryer to dry on medium heat so the heat doesn’t melt the glue on the back of the mat or rug.


How To Wash Microfiber Bathroom Rug or Chenille Bath Mat

The feeling microfiber rug and chenille bath mats give you when you step on them are special. The feeling though comes with a price, these mats are easily destroyed and sometimes not machine washable because of the fibers. Washing them by hand is one of the best options you can go with.

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1. Beat the rug outside to get the dust out of it or you can vacuum it.

2. Wash it with a scrub brush in some cold water along with some dawn dish soap to get the grease and smell out.

3. Wash the mat off with a house and let it air dry or machine dry.

4. The step after it is dry will get back the fluff in. Use a brush that is stiff enough to brush the fibers in the opposite direction so they can stand up. You can use a large comb to comb it to clear any tangle.

5. Place the mat on your bathroom floor and enjoy the feeling.


How To Clean Plastic Bath Mats

Plastic bath mats are the easiest to clean because you can use bleach or vinegar on them to remove any marks. You typically find these in the shower and they will have a lot of grease and dirt on them, so you will need to use gloves and bleach to remove the odors.

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1. These bath mats can be washed in the shower when you are cleaning, so lay them flat, pour bleach and dawn dish soap on them.

2. Use the scrub brush or toothbrush to clean it if it has textures and creases.

3. Apply more pressure when cleaning this type of rug or mat because they tend to stain easily.

4. When you are done, you can use a paper towel or microfibre cloth to wipe it off to see if you miss any spot you need to touch upon.

rubber bath mat

How To Clean Memory Foam Bath Mats

I love the feeling of memory foam pillows, so I decided to get some for my bathroom floors. This was a game-changer, stepping on them each time I step out of the shower felt so good, but I realize they were getting really dirty fast. Here is my cleaning method to clean memory foam bath mats.


1. These maths are not machine washable so you will need to clean them by hand with a sponge, magic eraser, and vinegar mixed in a 2.1 ratio 2 with water.

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2. Spray the memory foam mat down with the homemade cleaning solution or squirt some dawn dish soap on it.

3. Wash it down with the sponge or Mr clean magic eraser to remove all the dirty marks.

4. Use a clean sponge with warm water and wipe down the memory foam mat to clean it off and you are done. 


How To Clean Bath Mats Without Bleach

do not use bleach on bath mat

Using this cleaning solution is one of the best ways to clean any bathroom rug or bath mat to remove stains without using bleach. You will need to make your own homemade cleaning solution that includes white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water.

1.  Add 1 cups vinegar and 1 cup rubbing alcohol to a spray bottle. Then fill it with water.

2.  Spray this cleaning solution on any of the mats directly on a stain or all over it.

3.  You can use a little dishwashing liquid to help remove any odor that you might smell from the vinegar.

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4.  Use a scrub brush to brush the mat and wash it off when you feel like you have brushed out everything. 

How To Clean Bath Mats With Suction On Them

The suction cups on the back of the mats will have a black look residue are them caused by the constant water-storing there. This will eventually ruin your mat if you do not clean it properly, especially if the mat is transparent.


1.  Clean the top part of the mat first with bleach and a scrub brush.

2.  Spin the mat over and spray the bleach all over it and let it sit for 30 minutes.

3.  Use the scrub brush and scrub each craves and counter that you see the black residue that looks like mold and mildew.

4.  Wash the mat off with the water and let it dry.



Can I Wash Bath Mats With Towels?

The short answer is no! Washing your bath mats with the towels you use will cause you to spread bacteria that are on your foot like fungus. Even when you wash the mats or rugs in the washing machine, you should clean the machine out before you place anything in it before you use it again.

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How Often Should I Wash My Bathroom Maths?

Cleaning your bathroom rugs and mat frequently can help with making your bathroom smell better. The rugs and mats in our bathroom will absorb all the moisture from our feet and keep it, so you should wash your bath mats every weekend when you do laundry and ditch them around.


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