How To Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing At All

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How to clean shower tiles without scrubbing

Tiles in our shower help to give our bathroom this amazing look and feel. Cleaning shower tiles without scrubbing them will be a dream come through for most people. Having a dirty-looking tile and grout can give the shower a nasty smell and an awful look.

Walk-in tile showers are the most popular when it comes to bathrooms, and how to clean your shower tiles without scrubbing them is what this article is about. 

You will find the best ways to clean your bathroom tiles, the easiest way plus the things you need to use, and if none of those methods work, I will have the ultimate cleaning solution that will require a purchase that will change the way you clean tiles forever.

No more back pains, or time on your knees. Those days are over and your shower will look like a 7-star hotel with the tiles reflecting your image off them. Some of these methods will need you to wipe the wall with a sponge or cloth, but you won’t be scrubbing.

bathroom shower

How to clean shower tiles

Now let us get to the best ways to clean your bathroom and shower tiles really easily. They are a couple of ways out there to clean your tiles and grout by making your own home remedy that works like a charm. Let’s get started with those home remedy cleaning solutions. You can use these cleaning methods on your shower if it has a plastic tub or plastic wall.

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1. Baking Soda And Vinegar Mix Together

Baking soda is a very powerful cleaning solution that you can find in a lot of products you buy at the supermarket. It removes odors and breaks down stains on any surface that it can penetrate. Mixing white vinegar together with baking soda will create a powerful homemade cleaning solution that is almost as powerful as bleach. This method is for the shower tiles that are semi-dirty and have stains from the water on them. Use this cleaning method to clean the shower floor as well.

Steps To Mix Baking Soda And Vinegar:

  1. You will need to pre-wet the shower walls and shower floor to let the baking soda stick to the walls. Mix 1 cup of baking soda in a small bucket along with 3 cups of vinegar.
  2. The reason you will not be using a spray bottle, Is because the baking soda grains will clog the tube in the spray bottle.
  3. You can add water to the mixture if you like. That will only lower the cleaning power of baking soda and vinegar. Use a sponge and wipe the mixture over the tiles and grout joints.
  4. Let it sit for an hour, then you go and just wipe it over with the sponge. You will not need to scrub the tiles with the sponge to get anything off.
  5. Now just wash the tiles off and see how they look.
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Things Needed:

  • Microfibre Cloth / Cloth
  • Baking Soda 
  • Vinegar
  • Wash Bucket


2. Using White Distilled Vinegar Alone

Using vinegar alone to clean your tiles without scrubbing them is effective when you just want to remove watermarks from your ceramic and porcelain tiles. Over time water will leave its mark when it is on a surface for a constant amount of time. That is why your toilet always has a mark around the water level inside it. You can use this cleaning method to clean the shower floor as well.


  1. Mix 2 cups of vinegar in a 24 oz spray bottle and add water to the bottle until it is full.
  2. Spray the vinegar on the tiles and let it sit for an hour.
  3. Use a sponge and gently wipe off the tile after the hour is up.

Things Need:

  • Spray bottle 
  • Vinegar 


3. Using Dawn Dish Soap To Clean Shower Tile

using dawn to clean shower

Dawn dish soap, we all know what it is used for. I bet you didn’t think it would be on this list for cleaning shower tiles. This product is amazing and very versatile and will come in handy when you are cleaning your shower floor tiles to remove grease and odors. Grease comes off our body and sticks on both the tiles on the floor and the sides of the shower. This is why the grout joints change color, while the tiles get a dull look to them after a while.

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How to use dawn dish soap to clean your shower tiles


  1. Wet the shower walls so the soap will sud faster and get into the groves.
  2. Wet the cloth or sponge then squirt some of the dawn dish soap on it. Use the sponge and rub all over the tiles until the shower walls and floor Suds.
  3. Wash off the sud after a few minutes.


4. Using Borax To Clean Shower Tiles And Grout

Borax has been around for a long period of time. Not a lot of people know about this product and what it is capable of. The alkaline consistency in it makes it a great cleaning agent to remove the mark on affected tiles on your shower floor. Wet the surface of the affected tile and pour some borax on it. Let it sit for a few hours, then wash the surface off. You can also pure some hydrogen peroxide on the affected area with the borax to speed up the cleaning process. This method works best on your shower floor.

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5. Bleach And Baking Soda Together 

The ultimate combo is bleach mixed with baking soda. This cleaning method is like making your own paste that attaches to the wall of your bathroom shower. You can simply spray the bleach on the walls and the shower floor, then use a sponge with baking soda sprinkled on it to wipe the walls down. You can also mix the baking soda in a small bowl with bleach to make it more sticky when you apply it.


6. Foam Bleach

shower foam bleach soap

This method can be used to clean the tiles without even touching them. When you use foam bleach it spreads more on the surface so you do not need to do anything more. If you want you can still wipe the shower walls off with a sponge or cloth. Make sure to wear a mask and glove when handling bleach. 

The drawback to using bleach is that it can strip your hands, so always wear protection to avoid that happening to you if you have sensitive skin.

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7. Steam Clean Your Shower

Have you ever noticed that each time you shower you see the most dirt and grease on the tiles? This happens because of the steam that you have just created by showering. The steam loosens the dirt in the grout joints and makes them easy to clean without putting in too much effort. 

You can use any of the cleaning methods in this article to clean the shower that you see is most effective to the extent of how dirty your tiles are.


8. Use Oxi Clean

Oxi clean is on every shelf in a supermarket. This is similar to the powdered form of bleach that is very strong and can even burn through your clothes if you put the raw powder bleach on it. Oxi clean is a little less strong and less toxic to the user and will go along great if you add it to the cleaning process if you are using regular bleach.


9. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is known to whiten your teeth. It is in every whitening toothpaste that you can buy, so imagine how well it will clean stain tiles and black grout. The alkaline in it is very strong and it oxides when it touches any surface. That is what makes hydrogen peroxide really powerful and will work great to clean your shower tiles or bathroom tiles.

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  1. Pour out the hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray wherever on the tiles that are changing color or just need proper cleaning. You can also use it to remove the odor from your shower.


10. Alkaline Cleaning Products

This is the second to last resort you will turn to if you feel none of the methods above will not work or you try them and it didn’t work. An alkaline concentrated product will be much stronger than bleach because the PH level is much lower and acidic.

By using this product, you will have to be extremely cautious and not let anyone use the bathroom until you have completely cleaned it. You have to wear a gloves mask and follow the instructions carefully by the manufacture.

The benefit of using this is that it will remove anything that shouldn’t be on your tiles or in the grout joints. When using this product, be mindful of the color grout you have so it won’t bleach or remove the color entirely.

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11. How to clean tiles without bending

This clever cleaning method will have you buy an electric drill and a brush attachment if you do not have one already. This tool will clean the shower tiles and grout joints by itself and all you need to do is press a button. You can use it to clean the tiles on your bathroom floor or anywhere in your house. Here is a link to the brush and cheap electric hand drill.

using brush to clean shower tile


Tips To Care For Shower Tiles

To avoid going through all these cleaning methods, here are some amazing tips and tricks to take care of any tile that you want to keep looking like they were just polished. These tips are coming from a professional tile installer.


  • Before the tiles are installed you can have them brush on a sealant on the surface to protect it from watermarks, stains, and dirt. Nothing will stick to it, just be careful not to make it get on the sides where the grout will be. If that happens the south won’t stick.
  • Clean your shower every two days when you take a shower yourself. This will prevent marks and stains from sticking because they won’t have time to penetrate.
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portable dehumidifier for bathroom

  • Make sure you air the bathroom out and use a dehumidifier in it to prevent moisture from building up if it doesn’t have one in the ceiling. You can get a mini air humidifier that will fit on any shelf and prevent mold and mildew from forming.
  • Use dawn dish soap in your shower to clean the shower drain. This will break down the grease along with removing odors.

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