10 Alternative Ways To Use Baby Powder

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We might see and walk past baby powder each time we go into a store thinking we do not need it, but you will be amazed by how you can use baby powder in so many ways. If you have a baby or not, you will want to have it in your house after you read this.


Using Baby Powder In Your Gloves

They have powder-free gloves and some with powder in it. Some of us hands are really moist and will need some powdered gloves to be able to put the gloves on without a struggle and tearing them apart.


If you don’t have the powdered version, simply sprinkle some baby powder in the glove and on your hands, and your hands will slide right in without a problem. This solved a major problem for me because I have a huge hand that sweats easily.

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Make Your Skin Smoother

You may be going somewhere, and you just feel the need to have your hands look a little smoother without putting on any lotion. Especially if it’s a hot day and you easily sweat, or you are like me whenever your focusing hard, your hands start to sweat.


Gentle rub some baby powder on your hands and massage it in, so you don’t see any white, and your hands will look smoother for the day.

Loosen Jewelry

If you are not careful with your jewelry, especially necklaces, they will get tangled together if you place them together or just make it twist.


Getting them loose is a nightmare and most times take more than one person to loosen it if you are lucky. One day I was on the ferry going off the island to do some shopping, and this lady was sitting there trying to loosen her necklace.

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She tried everything and even asked for my help. When we couldn’t lose it, we started to brainstorm how we could, and we came up with this method.


The best way to do this is by sprinkled baby powder on the area that is tangled. This will loosen it to make it easier to separate.

Bad Smell

If you have sweaty feetthen you will love this. Our shoes will have an order which can ruin them and can cost you more money if you don’t try to fix it. Some of the best tips are to change your socks daily and place your shoes in the sun once a week.


To quickly hide any odor sprinkle some baby powder inside the shoe and the problem will be fixed temporarily.


Loosen Old Playing Cards

One day when your cleaning you might find some cards that you couldn’t find for months and when you open them they stick together.

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Don’t get rid of them; the baby powder will loosen them. Spread them out and sprinkle the baby powder on them and start moving the cards around and leave it for a while. When you pick them back up, they will slide apart.

Stop An Irritation

If you are doing something outside or your kids are playing, you will see them scratching some parts of there hands because they have come in contact with something that irritates there skin. It could be a plant or a bug.


Rubbing some baby powder on the area will stop the itching temporarily till you can get the proper medicine for it.

Making Your Bed Smell Amazing

This is a simple and quick way to make your bed smell sweet and cuddly, just like your baby. Most of us love the smell of baby powder, so why not put a little on your bed or your pillow to give you that extra nic,e feeling to sleep better. You do not have to use a lot, just a little will do the job. You can even use it on your cushions on your couch.

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Make Your Bed Cooler

Summer can be hell if you do not have a central AC system in your house. The fans won’t help either because I’m talking from experience living on an island. What I use to do to try and help is to change my sheets often and use a nice cool material.


This made me had a lot of sheets to do when laundry day comes up, so I had to find a next method. I know there is some material that you can place on your bed to help with circulation to cool it down.


I know whenever I get baby powder on me, it instantly makes the area feel cool, so it must help if I place it under my sheets when I’m making the bed. To my surprise, it works amazingly, just sprinkle a good amount to cover the bed.


Sandy Foot

This is a quick way to help keep the moisture in your foot after you left the beach. This is extremely helpful because when the sand gets on your foot or on any part of your body, it sucks the moisture out.

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What you can do to prevent this from happening is to put some baby powder on your foot and massage it in.

Ant Repellent 


To my surprise, ants hate baby powder, maybe it is the ones I have, but they hate it. This can help if you want to put your baby on the lawn, but you are not sure if they are ants there.


If you have something to put around them so they won’t crawl away, you can sprinkle some baby powder in that area to keep the ants away. You can use this method in any situation if you like. For example- you are going camping, you see ants crawling through an area in your house.




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