6 Very Useful Items You Need In Your Car Right Now

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Here are some items you need to have in your car to make it feel the best. I use them all the time became when you spend so much money on a vehicle; you always need to make it look like the price you paid for it.


Small Vacuum

Having kids in your car will definitely make you have a messy car, no matter how hard you try. They are certain things you can do to make cleaning up after them super easy, and even they can help to clean as well.


Having a small vacuum really helps a lot, most of them are under a foot long and super lightweight. Your kids will even find it super fun to vacuum up the things they see on the floor.


Small Garbage Bin


During this crazy time when we have to be wearing masks and wiping our hands with wipes all the time can have your car looking crazy.

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Each time I go to the supermarket or any store, I find my self coming in the car and wiping my hands with the wipes and throwing them on the floor.


That’s not sanitary, you can use a paper bag, but that will only make things look worse to me. The perfect solution is to get a small garbage bin and place it in the car behind the passenger seat. You can just stretch your hands over and throw whatever you want in it. You can use this one as well.

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Muffin Cup Liner

This one will help out everybody in some ways. Sometimes we get things stuck in the cup holder’s, dirt starts to build up and all that.

Use It To Prevent This


You can prevent this from happening just by placing a muffin cup Liner in each cup holder in the car. Whenever you see that they are dirty, just take it out and put in a new one.

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Cup Holder Phone Mount

I have a phone holder in my car, but it is connected to the air vent and keeps moving around each time I turn. You can get one that attaches to the windshield, but you can actually get a ticket for doing that in some states.


The best solution is to get a phone mount that fits right in the cupholder. You might be thinking that you will have to look down, but no, it is high enough that you can be looking ahead, and your eyes can still see the phone to use the GPS.

Premium Micro Fibre Cloth

Using a premium microfibre cloth can save you a lot of time. The cheaper ones will leave the fabric on the area that you wipe and will not absorb liquid that well.


Think of it this way; why do most people like to use Bounty Paper Towels? It absorbs better and cleans better as well.

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Storage Container

If you are the type of person that just put things In your car for a just in case moment. Then your vehicle will have a lot of random items all over the place moving around.


What you need to do is get a large enough storage container to place everything in and put it in the back of your car, the car will look more organized and stress-free.



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