Methods On How You Can Clear A Clogged Drain By Yourself And Prevent It As well

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Having a clogged drain can be your worst nightmare because it can be so difficult that you have to cut your roof open, which will cost money to repair.


The good thing is that most of these clogged drain you can fix it yourself with an inexpensive tool. The best method though, is to try and prevent it from getting clogged by practicing some of these habits.


How To Prevent A Clogged Drain


Do Not Strain The Oil Off Greasy Food In The Sink

Many times we have a filter in the kitchen sink, so we just pour out what is left in the plate in the filter so that we can only make one trip to the garbage bin.


The problem with this is that if the food is greasy, the oil will slowly drain down the sink and will stick to the sides, and over time it will build up and cause problems, and we all know that water and grease don’t go together well. It even will make your drain have an odor to it.

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Use A Bathroom Drain Filter


For your bathroom shower drainer, you will definitely need to get a filter for it. Many of us don’t know that you can get a filter similar to the one that is in the kitchen sink. You take out the cover that can stop the flow of the water and put the filter underneath it, or some of the filters come with its own cover.


You will be so surprised by the amount of hair it will have in it by the end of the week. Here is a link to a Shower Drain Filter on Amazon.


Avoid Letting Hair Go Down The Drain


If you know that your hair falls out a lot each time you wash it, do not do it in the shower if you do not have a filter in like I mentioned above.


If too much hair gets down the drain and gets in the pump, that will cost you thousands instead of 5 or 10 dollars that you would spend on a filter.

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Release A High Pressure Of Water Down The Drain


This is a good habit to practice because it will clear the drain of anything that may want to build up over time. Especially the kitchen sink, you just need to fill the sink with water and then take out the plug that you use to stop the water from getting out.


I’m 100% sure that this will prevent you from getting clogs in the future because the high-pressure water will clear anything in its path. You can even use this method in your shower if it has a bathtub.


Pour Some Degreaser Down The Drain Every Month

They have a lot of different types of degreasers out there, but you should look for the one that they use in restaurants.

These are more powerful and effective, and you should pour some down each drain in your house at the end of every month. Some of them even can be used as a Multi-purpose cleaner as well.

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How You Can Clear A clogged Drain By Yourself 


Using A Zip-tie

This method is the most inexpensive method you can find. Many times it is hair that is in the drain that is preventing it from flowing properly.


With the zip tie, you can push it down the drain and move it around till you feel something. If it is hair, the hair will get wrapped around the zip tie by the time you finish spinning the zip tie in the drain.


The best size zip tie to use is a 2-foot zip tie/24 inches. It is long enough to go down the drain and wide enough to clear it. You can find a pack on amazon or your location hardware store.


Using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent product that most of us have in our first aid kit at home. If you think that it is the grease that is blocking your kitchen drain, you can pour two cups of hydrogen peroxide down the drain and leave it for a few hours. The hydrogen peroxide will slowly break down the grease or even any small food particle that might be there.

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Using Acid


This method is to be used when you think there is something in the drain that needs to be broken down. If the sink doesn’t have a filter, a small amount of food will get past and rest in one area of the drain. You can send an Auger drain snake down the drain to help clear the clog even faster.


Be really careful with the acid and follow all the instructions that it gives you because some of the acids are strong enough to burn your skin.

Use A Drain Auger (Drain Snake)

The tool plumbers use 90% of the time is an Auger. They come in many different sizes, and that is the good thing about them. You can buy a small one for less than 20 dollars and clear any drain yourself. It is simple to use; all you need to do is extended it down the drain and spin the handle.

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The wire will twist and turn while clearing the way. Some of the Auger has a sharp end so that it can force its way through most things. All you need to do after you do that is to pull it out, you will be so surprised by the amount of stuff that will get attached to it.

You can use this product as well. It works similarly to an Auger.



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