Crazy And Brilliant Listerine Hack

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I’m always thinking of some of the best and craziest ways to clean with stuff in my house. What cross my mind was using Listerine to clean.


Here are some of the ways that you can use Listerine other than cleaning your mouth, some of them will definitely surprise you for sure.


Clean Cuts And Scrapes

So summer is really near, I work in the yard and garden so I’m sure one day I would get a cut, and I did. What I didn’t like was that I got dirt in the cut, which has germs and bacteria in it.


I didn’t have any rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide at the moment, so I poured some Listerine on the cut quickly to prevent any infection until I could get the proper antiseptics.

Temporarily Stops Itching 


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This is something that most people don’t know, but most free mulch will have poison ivy in it because they made it with all different types of wood that may have some poison ivy mix with it.


I learned the hard way, planting in the garden. I didn’t have any poison medication at home, so I just use some Listerine on a piece of cloth and place it where I go the poison on, and it slowed down the intense itching.

Stops Toothache


We all know that Listerine is made to keep your mouth clean and to help stop any plaques and gingivitis from forming. But it can help stop any pain that you have in your mouth from your tooth. Just put some in your mouth and keep it where you are feeling the pain.


Disinfect Your Toothbrush 


So I think every three months you should change your toothbrush. But during those three months, you will need to clean the toothbrush because water alone cannot clean it.

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You can pour some Listerine in a clean container and leave the toothbrush in it for an hour or so, and that will clean the toothbrush for the next use.

Kill Fungus On Your foot


So if you have a sweaty foot as I do, then you can try this method. I soak my feet in some warm water and add a cup of Listerine to it.


Think of it, if Listerine kills the bacteria and germs in your mouth and prevent it too, then what if you do the same with your feet to prevent any fungus from forming.


Stops Infection On Blisters 


If your cooking and get burn, then you know you will get a blister. We are tempted to pop it, but we shouldn’t, if it does pop pour Listerine on it to stop any bacteria from getting in or forming on it.

Remove Tick


So if you have kids and they’re playing outside there going to get a tic on them one of the days, you might not find it instantly, but when you do you are going to be shocked and in fear to pull it off because most times the head will break off from the body and still be attached.

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The simplest and easiest way to get the tic of is by pouring some Listerine on it. It will remove itself within a few seconds.

Deodorize Bathroom Sink



You can deodorize your bathroom sink just by pouring some Listerine down the drain. The minty smell of the Listerine will instantly kill the odor.


You might be saying that what about when I use the Listerine, doesn’t that work? It does work, but its better to just pour some down the drain and let it sit and kill any germs or bacteria because when you use it when you’re cleaning your mouth, you instantly turn on the pipe and wash it away.


When you just pour it in the sink to let it run down the drain, it works better.

Clean Your Toilet Each Time You Flush Or Clean



So I love the minty scent of Listerine, and it kills gems too. Some times when I’m brushing my teeth, I just pour some in the toilet, and when I’m done with brushing my teeth, I just use the toilet brush and clean the toilet.

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It will help to remove any germs and stains. If you love how it smells, you can pour some in the toilet tank too even though it will not last that long, but it will kill any gems each time you flush and also sanitizer the toilet tank.

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