How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal

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How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal

Spray paint is a handy tool that you can use to quickly paint areas that needs some touch up paint. But the thing with spray paint is that it can overspray easily and get on other surfaces like metal. Knowing how to properly remove spray paint from metal without scraping it off is important.

These methods will include you using some strong chemicals, so you will need to wear a proper face mask and gloves when using these chemicals. Paint can only be broken down by strong chemicals, and water cannot wash it off, so let us get to removing the spray paint from the metals.

Methods To Remove Spray Paint From Metal Without Scraping The Paint Off That Is Dry

Below are methods that I have personally used to clean and remove paint off metal that I had overspray on. I use it on my car wheel so you can use it on aluminum as well. Use these methods with caution because if you rub too much, you can take off other paint on the metal surface.

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1. Use Paint Thinner Clean Paint Off Metal

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Paint thinner is the number 1 method you can use to remove paint from metal. Paint thinner was made to thin paint out so that it could spray more easily and paint onto a surface easier. Paint thinner smells very toxic, so you will need to make sure you wear a proper face mask.

Before you start using the paint thinner, put on the face mask and a pair of gloves. Pour a generous amount on a microfiber cloth folded together. Start wiping the paint off the metal until it is all gone. You might need to use a few cloths, so have at least three lying around.


2. How to Remove Spray Paint From Metal With Nail Polish

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Nail polish remover is similar to using paint thinner, but it is less toxic. You can use it without gloves or a face mask, but I do recommend using it. The first thing you need to do is wipe off the majority of the paint off if it is still wet. If it is not wet, fold a thick sheet of paper towel in four and wet it with a generous amount of nail polish remover.

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Start by wiping the paint in a circular motion until the paint starts to fade or get onto the cloth or paper towel. Repeat this process until all of the paint is off the metal if you can, wash the metal with water and do so.


3. Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Spray Paint Off Metal

Hydrogen peroxide mixes with air and creates a reaction that breaks down bacteria and other things. This also helps with removing paint, nail polish remover, and even hair dye, so it will work great on removing paint off a metal surface like a pipe, wheel, or even your furniture. To use it, just wet a microfiber cloth and clean the paint off.


Methods To Remove Spray Paint Off Metal That Is Wet

Below are two ways that you should use to clean and remove wet paint off metal when it gets onto it. The methods above will work as well but are not necessary.

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4. Wash The Paint Off Immediately 

When paint gets on any area, the first thing you should do within seconds is to try to wash off the paint. This will make it super easy for you and to prevent you from using any toxic chemicals to break down the paint and get it off the metal. When washing the paint off the metal, you should ensure that you are we are in gloves so that the paint doesn’t get on your hands as well.

If the metal surfaces outside can be wet, you can use a lot of water and wash the paint off. If the area is in a place where you cannot use a lot of water, you can fill a container with warm water and so dish soap and use a microfiber cloth and wash off the area. You can even use a sponge that is soft enough.


5. Use A Tar Remover To Remover Spray Paint Off Metal

Tar remover was made to break down the material that makes tar when it sticks to a surface. It can be used on your car to remove the tar from the sides of the car and even the wheels. With that being said, you can also use it to get spray paint off metal that hasn’t dried fully as yet. If the paint is dried, you should choose one of the methods above.

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When using the tar remover, put on a pair of gloves, and a face mask, then wet a microfiber cloth generously and wipe the spray paint off in a circular motion so that the paint doesn’t spread any further. Do not use a paper towel because it will break apart and get trapped in the wet paint. You may need to use more than one piece of paper towel to clean off the spray paint with the tar remover.

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Final Thoughts:

When removing paint from any surface, you should always wear a face mask and gloves because paint only can be removed with strong toxic chemicals that can harm you if it gets into you. Once you have the right tools and products that I recommend above, the paint should come off really easily without scrubbing the surface of the metal.

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