How to Get Putty Out Of Hair (4 Easy Ways)

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How to Get Putty Out Of Hair

Kids love to play with silly putty all over the house. That is why they get it stuck on the carpet or on their clothes sometimes. The worse place it can get stuck is in their hair. I know as a parent that you might panic and wonder if you have to cut your Childs hair out.

The answer to that is a big NO! You can get putty out of hair using any of these methods below without cutting the hair. Some of these products you might even have at your house laying around.

What is Silly Putty?

Silly putty/noise putty is owned and created by the brand Crayola crayons and is marketed to children after it fail when they tried to market it to adults. It is one of the most popular toys you can find in any household at the moment.

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You can stretch it, bounce it and mold it into any shape without damaging it. It keeps kids quiet and occupied if they are very energetic, but getting it into your hair is a nightmare. This article on the other hand will make it easy for you to get it out of any hair, it could be you, your pets, or your children.

What To Use To Get Get Putty Out Of Hair

Below is 4 methods you can use to get putty out of hair without causing any damage or changing the color of your kid’s hair.

1. WD-40

Crayola itself recommends that using WD-40 can get silly putty out of things. But people are skeptical about using it in their hair or our kid’s hair because of the scent. You are right to be skeptical about it but there is a way to do it and be safe. Never spray or pour the WD-40 into your hair or your kid’s hair, just wipe it in.

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Steps to take:

1. The first thing you need to do is put on a pair of gloves. This will work best if the silly putty is stuck in the end or close to the end of your hair. Rest your kid’s hair our your hair over the bathroom sink or bathtub and wet the gloves with some WD-40 and slightly wipe the area with it.

2. Massage the area of the hair with the silly putty and slightly pull the silly putty out until all of it is gone. The WD-40 will not break the silly putty down, it will just allow you to slide it off and out of your hair.

3. To get the WD-40 scent out of your hair, all you need to do is wash that area of your hair with some water with a few drops of lavender essential oil or a sweet shampoo, and you are done.

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3. Hair Conditioner 

Conditioner bottle

Using hair conditioner to get silly putty out of your hair is the easiest way to do it. When you pour conditioner into your hands, it does feel a little oily. This is because the conditioner was made to put back moisture and grease back in your hair after the shampoo washed out the sweat and oils in your hair. So now you understand why it will break down silly putty. Because oily breaks down silly putty.

Steps to take:

1 . Get in the normal position you normally wash your hair or your kid’s hair. Pour a generous amount of conditioner on the spot with the putty and massage it in until the silly putty starts to break down Into smaller pieces.

2. Once the silly putty has broken down enough. Pull it out and then give your hair a normal wash with shampoo and then conditioner.

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2. Using Baby Oil

Baby Oil has many different uses that you have never thought of including getting putty out of hair in a few minutes.

Steps to take:

1. 1 pour 1/4 cup of baby oil on the area of the hair that has the silly putty stuck to it. It is best to do this in the bathroom over a tub or outside so that the baby oil doesn’t get everywhere. Massage the baby oil into the silly putty and hair and let it sit for 5 minutes.

2. If the silly putty is in your hair, you might need a friend’s help to see and know when the silly putty is breaking down. Once the 5 minutes is up, start to massage the oil into the area again until you see the silly putty breaking apart. You will see it coming apart in small pieces which might be frustrating but keep going.

3. Slow start to pull out the silly putty out of the hair without breaking the hair until everything comes out. You can also use a comb to help get the silly putty out if your fingers aren’t doing a good job. When everything is out, wash your hair or kids’ hair out with shampoo and conditioner to get the excess grease out.

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4. Coconut Oil

Using it exactly the same as using baby oil. The only difference you will see is with the smell and the consistency of the coconut oil. Baby oil tends to be a bit more slippery.

Steps to take:

1. Pour half a cup of baby oil onto the area that has the putty on it and make sure your head is over the bathroom sink or bathtub because the oil will run out, especially if it is at the end of your hair our kid’s hair.

2. Massage the oil into the silly putty and the area around the silly putty so it doesn’t stick to those parts. Carefully pull the putty out once it starts to disintegrate and then you can wash your hair as usual with shampoo and conditioner with warm water.

3. If the silly putty seems hard to come out by using the coconut oil alone. Use some lukewarm water to help break down the putty.

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Final Thoughts:

These are the best ways to get silly putty out of hair. The WD-40 method does work but it is up to you to use it in the way I recommend. To avoid getting putty in anyone’s hair, watch the kids while they use it and give them a special corner to play with it.

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