How to Clean Mouse Pad

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How to Clean Mouse Pad

Mouse pads are used to make using the mouse easier and to have a softer place for your hands to lay. Knowing how to clean a mouse bad and remove all the dust and grease that might end up stopping your mouse from working isn’t that hard. Whether you have a leather mouse pad, cloth mouse pad, or vinyl mouse pad, you will know how to clean it properly after reading this article.

mouse pad on desk

Different Types Of Mouse pads Materials

Below will be a list of the different types of mouse pads material that is out there, check the label on the back to see what material made yours. If your mouse pad is leather, you will need a different cleaning method I will show you.

Leather                Polyurethane

Rubber                Acetate

Microfiber          Nylon

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Foam                   Rubber 


How to Clean A Mouse Pad

The best way to clean a mouse pad is with some dawn dish soap and cold water. The dawn dish soap will get rid of grease and dirt buildup easily. The cold water will not shrink the mouse pad as how hot water would.

This is how to clean a mousepad

Steps To take:

adding dawn dish soap to water

1) Fill a tub or large enough container with some cold water and leave the mouse pad to soak for a while. Add 3 tablespoons of dawn dish soap to the water as well. Also, add some directly on stain marks.

brushing mouse pad

2) Scrub the mousepad with a soft toothbrush or Any brush that is soft. Ensure the brush is soft so it won’t damage the material of the mouse pad. The brush will be the one to break down stains and grease marks.

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Rinsing mouse pad with cold water

3) Rinse the mouse pad under running cold water until all the soap is out of it.

4) You can either let the mouse air dry or use a towel or microfiber cloth to dry the mouse pad by patting it.

It is as simple as that to clean a mousepad and removing any grease or stains from it. Do not use water to clean mouse pads with RGB lights on them. Try to clean your mouse pad at least 3 times for the year base on how often you use it.

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How to Clean RGB Mousepad

Mouse pads with RGB cannot be cleaned with the same cleaning method above. They have to be cleaned gently because of their electrical components. Below is the safest method to clean a mouse pad with rgb that won’t damage it.

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Steps to take:

1) Unplug the mouse pad from your computer before you start to clean it so you won’t break any wire if you pull it too hard or get shocked.

2) Get a microfiber cloth along with a bowl and fill it with cold water. Add 2 tablespoons of dawn dish soap. Keep the water far away from the RGB mouse bade.

3) Dip the microfiber cloth in the water and squeeze it out properly until it feels slightly dry. Now you can use it to wipe down the RGB mouse pad safely to remove dirt and grease.

That’s it! You are done. You can now plug it back into your computer and start to use it again.


Cleaning Leather Mouse Pad

Cleaning a leather mouse pad is just as simple as cleaning any natural leather product, whether it is your jacket or sofa. To clean your leather mouse pad click on the link that says how to clean leather and follow that method.

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Can You Put Your Mouse Pad in the Washing Machine?

samsung washing machine

The short answer is yes! if the mouse pad has any of the material that I will list below it can. Cleaning your mouse pad in the washing machine is the easiest way to go if you do not want to use your hands.








How to Clean a Mouse Pad In The Washing Machine

Below is the method used to clean my mouse pad when I find it getting dirty, this is the easiest way to do it.

washing machine soap dispenser

1) First thing you need to do is to add a detergent that doesn’t have bleach in it.

washing machine control

2) Put the machine on the coldest setting.

open washing machine door

3) Put the washing and rinsing cycle on the lowest setting possible.

4) Do not add other clothe to the washing machine or add bleach.

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5) Let the mouse pad air dry somewhere because the dryer heat might melt some material like foam.

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