How to Get The Gas Smell off Hands

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How to Get The Gas Smell Off Hands

The smell of gas on your hands will drive anyone crazy. But getting the smell of gas off your hands is a story to itself. It is also dangerous to have gas on your hand because if you rub your eyes by accident with the gas on your hand it will blind you or damage your eyes.

Gasoline itself is harmful to the body and you wouldn’t want it to get into the body. It can easily get into the body if you have it on your hands and eat something with it. That is why this article will remove the gas smell and the gas off your hand so you can use your hands safely again.

Is Gas Safe To Be On Your Hands?

The short answer to this question is no! The skin which is the largest organ of our body absorbs things through its pores and pushes things out through it pores like sweat. Look at it from this perspective, what if the gasoline was lotion the skin will absorb it the same way.

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So leaving gasoline on the skin will slowly poison the body and if you can still smell gasoline on your hands that means there is a small portion on your hand still.

gas in gasoline container

“To get the gasoline off your hands you need to wash your hands as soon as possible with hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar by soaking them in it for 2-5 minutes to clean and remove the smell.”


How To Remove Smell Of Gas Off Hands 

1. Clean Gasoline Off Hands With Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a very powerful product if you use it the right way. It can clean a lot of areas and remove odor and break down stains. It can do the same with the smell of gas on your hands. What you need to do is pour some of the lemon juice on your hands and rub it together for 1-2 minutes.

Wash your hand off underneath the sink and dry them. If you still smell gasoline on your hands pour some more lemon juice on it and leave it on your hand for 10 minutes. This will get rid of the gasoline smell for good and have your hands smelling like freshly made lemonade.

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2. How To Get Gasoline Smell Off Your Hands With Vanilla Extract 

Vanilla extra has one of the best natural aromas. This aroma is strong enough to mask the smell go the gas on your hands easily. But make sure to wash your hand properly with soap to get off at least 90% of the gas that was on it.

Pour 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract into the middle of your hands and rub both hands together. Do not wash your hands off as yet, wait at lease 2 minutes before you wash your hands off with some running warm water.

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3. Use Rubbing Alcohol To Remove The Gas Smell Of Your Hands

Rubbing alcohol is the go-to cleaning solution I use when I do not want to use bleach. Rubbing alcohol is strong enough to kill bacteria so it will definitely remove gasoline and its smell off your hands. Simply pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol on your hand and rub them together.

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Let the rubbing alcohol sit on your hands until it dries and then you can wash your hands off. Smell your hand and the majority of the gas smell should be gone if not all of it. You can always add more rubbing alcohol to your hands again to get better results.

4. How To Clean Gas Off Hands With Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide to clean gas off your hands is one of the best methods to do because it will clean your hands and not just mask the smell of the gas. When you add the hydrogen peroxide to your hand you will see it foam a little so but do not worry because the hydrogen peroxide is working at that moment.

You can either add some hydrogen peroxide to your hand or soak it in a small container with hydrogen peroxide for 3 minutes to get a better result. When you are done wash your hands with dish soap and your hands will smell like gas wasn’t even on it.

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5. Use Vinegar To Remove Gasoline Smell On Your Hands 

Vinegar is a very acidic product that we can consume. It itself has an odor to it but the white vinegar odor can easily be removed with dish soap. For a better result soak your hand in the vinegar fully submerged for 1 minute then take it out and let the vinegar dry on your hand.

Once the vinegar is dried wash off your hands with clean running water along with some dawn dish soap or regular dish soap and your hand will smell like yours again.

6. Buy Products Dedicated To Remove Gasoline Smell Or Odors

On Amazon, they have products that are made specially to remove strong odor smell. This is the last alternative if you choose not to do any of the methods above. Here is a link to some of these products you can buy or find in your local hardware store near you.

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7. How To Get Gasoline Smell Off Hands With Salt And Dish Soap

If you have tried using dish soap alone and that failed. Then you can add 1 cup of salt to a small container and add more dish soap then mix it around and wash your hands thoroughly. The salt mixed in the water with the dish soap will further eliminate the smell of gasoline off your hands.

How To Get The Smell Of Gas Off Skin

If the gas didn’t just get on your hands but got on your skin as well then you need to remove it as soon as possible. To do that you need to wash your hands immediately afterward with some hydrogen peroxide to both clean and remove the smell of gas on your skin. 

Simply pour some hydrogen peroxide into a small bowl and use a cloth and wipe your skin with it. If one wash didn’t get most of the smell and gas off your skin. Repeat the cleaning process.

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How To Get The Smell Of Gas Out Of Clothes:

The best and easiest way to get gas smell out of your clothes along with removing the stain is to wash the stained area with dawn dish soap immediately as the gas got on the clothes. If the gas has already dried you may need to soak the clothes overnight in water to soften the stain then use a bar of fels naptha on the stain to get out most of it.

Frequently asked questions:

Does gas stain clothes?

Yes! Gas does stain your clothes if it gets on it and can be very hard to remove if you allow the gas to dry on the clothes. Try and wash out the gas as soon as possible with dawn dish soap and warm water.

How To Get Gas Smell Off Hands?

The easiest way to get the gas smell off hands is to wash your hand with lemon. Pour a generous amount of lemon juice on your hands and let it soak until it dries then wash your hands off with running water.

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All the methods above will work and remove the smell of gas off your hand but they will work even better if you try them as soon after the gas was spilled on your hands. The most important thing is that you do not want the gasoline to soak into your hands or get into your eyes so remove it as soon as possible.

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