How to Get Slime Out Of A Blanket

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How to Get Slime Out Of A Blanket

Kids love their blankets and slimes as well. Sometimes they use it to comfort them when they get Into bed at night. Getting slime out of blankets can be hard because some blankets are furry while some are plain microfiber material. Even if they don’t sleep with the slime, at some point, they will get slime in their blanket, and you will be responsible to get it out without destroying their favorite blankets.

Tools Needed To Get Slime Out Of Blanket

  • Butter knife
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Ice Pack
  • Soap 
  • Toothbrush / Scrub Brush

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is locate all the areas on the blanket with slime stain on it, so you do not miss any areas when you are don’t. Try also not to mix the blanket with regular clothes because it can stick to them and create a bigger problem for you.

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2. Now, in this step, you will need to scrape out any large chunks of slime that is on the blanket with the butter knife. Use a butter knife because a sharper knife will cut the blanket. Before you start to use the knife, spray some rubbing alcohol on the area to help loosen the slime, then scrape large chunks off with a generous amount of pressure.

3. Once you have gotten majorly of the slime out, you now need to focus on getting the small piece of slime out of the blanket. This part will be a bit tricky, but you can get it out with the method below in the next step.

4. A ice pack will help harden the slime that is stuck to the fabric so you can scrape it off. But if you do not have any ice pack at home, you can make your own ice pack at home using a ziplock bag with a 6-8 ice cubes in it. 

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5. Place the ice pack on the area with the slime mark and let it sit for 10-15 minutes until the slime is hard. When the slime is hard, take the knife and scrape it out until it is clean.

6. Once you have gotten all of the slimes out, it is time for you to wash the blanket and remove any slime that might be stuck far down in the fabric. Take some dish soap, preferably dawn dish soap and pour a generous amount on the area and brush it out with a toothbrush and scrub brush.

7. Once you have done that, you can give the blanket a proper wash in the washing machine and then dry it. Your blanket should be slime free for you to use or your kids to cover the top with again.

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Final Thought 

Getting slime on your blanket isn’t good because it can ruin your blanket if it stays on your blanket for too long. The best way to get the slime out of your blanket is to get it out as soon as it gets on it. When the slime is dry, it is harder to come out, but when it is frozen, it can slide right off the fabric without too much pressure.

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