How to Get Sap Out Of Hair

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How to Get Sap Out Of Hair

Tree sap is a very sticky residue that a tree produces when the skin is peeled off or it chooses to let the sap go. Getting tree sap in your hair can result in you cutting it off if you are not careful. Getting the tree sap out of your hair is tricky as well, but this article will show you the safest way to get it out of your hair without using any chemicals at all.

Using Ice Cubes To Get Tree Sap Out Of Hair

The method below is the best and only way I remember using to get tree sap out of hair because it will not bleach or weaken your hair. You might be saying holding an ice cube will be hard, but I have a solution for you.

Tools Needed:

Steps To Take:

1. Holding an ice cube isn’t fun, and one ice cube will not do such a good job. So you will be making a homemade ice pack with a zip lock bag.

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2. The first thing you need to do is grab a small zip lock bag and add 3-4 cubes to it.

3. Twist the top of the zip lock bag until the ice cubes are compacted together, and then use the elastic band and tie where the ice cubes meet the small twisted part of the zip lock bag.

4. Once you did that. You will have at least 20 minutes until the ice cubes fully melt. Find the areas in your hair that has the tree sap in it and separate your hair from the other hair on your head.

5. Once you have done that, place the ice cubes on the area of your hair that has the tree sap and let it sit for a few minutes so it solidifies the tree sap. The temperature will loosen the glue from the tree sap.

6. Once the tree sap is hardened by the ice cubes. Take your fingers and slowly pull or break the tree sap apart until you have gotten all of it out.

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7. Once all of the tree sap is out. You should give your hair a proper was to remove the smell of the tree sap.

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Final Thoughts:

Getting tree sap in your hair isn’t good, and the moment you realize that you got it in your hair, you should immediately try to remove it with the removal method above. When tree sap dries on its own, it doesn’t break apart the same as if it was frozen with ice cubes. The low temperature from the ice cubes breaks down the glue from the tree sap and allows it to come out easily.

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