9 Clever Cabinet Organization Ideas For Your Home

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Creative Cabinet Hacks for Home Organization 

No matter where you live or what your lifestyle looks like, it seems like all of us struggle to manage our storage spaces at one time or another. Our collections of items grow over time, and soon they begin to outgrow our cabinets.

Luckily, all you need is a little organization to gain control and increase the space in your cabinets. 

1. Add a Filing System for Baking Sheets, Trays, and Tins

This is probably the easiest and most clever hack of all. If you’re still storing your trays on top of one another (which most of us do), you’re missing out on time and energy that you could be saving—not to mention the aesthetic value.

So, store baking sheets, trays, muffin tins, and the like vertically. That way, you don’t have to juggle or pull everything out just to access the one thing you need right now. This hack works for any flat items, too—like cutting boards, platters, lids, etc.

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There are a few ways to create a tray filing system, but a cheap and adjustable method uses tension rods to create slots. Use as many as you want, but you’ll need at least two to create one slot. Set them up vertically, one in the front, one in the back, and you’re good to go! Oh, and make sure they’ll fit your cabinets before you buy them!

2. Finnish Dish-Drying Cabinet

Also known as an Astiankuivauskaappi in Finnish, these cabinets double as dish drying wracks. Instead of storing your drying dishes out in the open for all to see, you can tuck them away to dry. Plus, you eliminate the added step of moving your dry dishes from the counter into the cabinet.

The best way to create a dish drying cabinet is to install custom wracks in the cabinet above your sink and leave the bottom open so that they can drip directly into the sink. However, you can also add wracks into a closed bottom cabinet and insert a drip pan beneath it.

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If you love the idea but think this project is a bit too much to take on right now, you can also opt for a simple over the sink dish rack. Every option is a great space-saving solution, and they’re all especially common in smaller kitchens.

3. Use Turntables for Hard-to-Reach Spaces

We all have that one cabinet—the one that is so deep you have to maneuver around tons of stuff to find what you’re looking for. The worst part is that we sometimes forget about the things in the back.

The solution? Turntables. Especially for those hard-to-reach areas, a turntable that fits your cabinet can save you a lot of time searching for small items like spices and snacks. But you can store almost anything on a turntable, including cans, baking supplies, coffee and tea supplies, and more!

Consider using a clear snack organizer or something more refined.

4. Add Containers for Small Pantry Items to Cabinet Doors

Add more space to any cabinet or closet with containers mounted on the doors. These adhesive cabinet organizers look great and make perfect cubbies for small snacks other items that are easily lost in the pantry.

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If you’d rather have something smaller and more flexible, you can also use sponge holders with suction cups. Silver, bronze, or black finishes can also add some aesthetic value to the cabinet organization in your home.

5. Add Open Cabinets or Shelving

If you could, would you add more cabinets to your home? Well, you can without the huge price tag when you consider open shelving. Display your favorite kitchen appliance and dishware out in the open to create a functional solution that looks great, too.

Whether you want to go for a rustic farmhouse look or a sleek modern appeal, there are tons of options to create more space and declutter your cabinets.

6. Use Functional Items as Décor

Along the same lines, you can use completely functional items like appliances, dishes, utensils, and anything else as décor.

Consider what your most beautiful kitchen items are. Maybe you have a beautiful bamboo cutting board or some gorgeous oven mitts. Display your favorite things out in the open. Utilize shelving and counter space, hang things on the wall, or place them above the cabinets.

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Just be sure to be selective when coordinating your display. Too much décor creates clutter.

7. Move Your Mugs!

For many people, an abundance of mugs creates cluttered cabinets. Instead of stuffing your favorite mugs in a cupboard, make space by hanging them under the cabinets or on the walls.

You could add an under the cabinet mug hanger like this or create a mug display wall that becomes a work of art for your kitchen!

8. Create a Customizable Pegboard

Whether you want your pegboard to function as a pantry, a mug display, storage for pots and pans, or something else entirely, you can create more cabinet space that works perfectly for you—because it was made for you!

From paper towel holders to utensil cups to baskets and more, you can customize any pegboard to meet your needs in any room. When looking for pegboard accessories, don’t limit yourself to a specific type (like “kitchen”). Office, garage, and craft room accessories can be universal!

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9. Craft Conformity and Labels

Although conformity and labels shouldn’t guide your entire life, they can help a lot when it comes to organization. If you have mix-matched containers that just don’t seem to fit together, consider buying clear storage containers and labeling everything.

These open-topped containers are great for packaged items, and there are also thin, deep, airtight containers that are great for storing food items like cereal and grains.

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