How to Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying

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How to Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying

Crying is a natural thing people do when they feel sad or happy. Trying to make it look like you weren’t crying is an important skill you need to learn especially if you find it easy to cry in places that you shouldn’t cry. Examples like a party, interview, funeral, birthday party, and even a wedding.

I have cried a few times in places that I shouldn’t, and some of the methods below are what I used to hide that I cried. Crying is natural, and you should not stop It, but it will happen in places that you do not want it to happen. Crying is your body trying to relieve stress so let it out.

Methods To Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying

Below are seven methods that can be easily implemented to make it look like you weren’t crying a few seconds or minutes ago. Note that when you feel like crying, you should let it out because if you don’t, it will come out when you least expect it. So it is best to let it out at the moment and follow any of the methods below to make it look like you were crying.

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Method 1. Wash Your Face To Make It Look Like You Weren’t Crying

Washing your face is the easiest way to make it look like you weren’t crying. But washing your face with warm water might make it look even worse, especially if you have pale skin. The best way to wash your face is to use cool or cold water to help close the pores in your face so that the muscle can relax after you cry.

When you are washing your face, make sure to make the water fully soak your face, especially around your eye. Simply just find the nearest bathroom or even use water that is in a cool water bottle, and you should be good to go in a few minutes.

Method 2. Wipe Your Eyes 

Your eyes are what show that you were crying. Cleaning them or wiping around them can actually hide that you were crying. When you cry, you will find white stuff left on the side of your eyes because of the crying. This is proof as well to show that you were crying.

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Simply just wipe around your eyes, and this should hide the majority of the signs that you were crying. If your eyes are red, you would have to wash out your eyes with water to help with the redness.

Method 3. Laugh Until You Cry

This method is for those who are at a wedding or a party where laughing uncontrollably would seem a little appropriate, especially at a party. Most people, if they laugh for an extended period of time, will start to partially cry and look like they are crying.

This is perfect if you feel like you want to cry to trick people into thinking that you were actually laughing at a joke on your phone, but actually, you were crying. All you need to do is go somewhere and cry and find something funny on your phone when you get back to start laughing at and everyone to think it’s a joke that made you cry.

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Method 4. Wipe Your Makeup Off

This method is for females, and they should know about this hack. When a person cries with makeup on their face, they will see a long line where tears were running from their eyes. This is a solid way to show that you were crying at some point recently. Wiping it off immediately would be the best way to hide it.

The problem is if you have heavy makeup on, then you would probably need alcohol wipes to wipe the makeup off properly. When tears and makeup mix together, it kind of forms a sticky bond, which will require a good amount of scrubbing to get the makeup off. If you have wipes on you, that’s great, but if you do not, you can find a local store and buy some wipes and do it or wash your face off properly in the bathroom.

Method 5. Put Makeup Back On

This method works similarly to method 4, but you would add makeup back to your face. A lot of time, people would not have the chance to properly wipe that makeup off their face because they have it on a lot. What they can do is apply more makeup over where the tears marks are after it has dried.

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This will immediately cover the tears stain and make it look like you weren’t crying at all. And if your eyes weren’t red, then your face would look totally normal, like nothing had happened in the bathroom or where ever you were crying.

Method 6. Close Your Eyes For A Few Seconds And Relax 

Let’s say you feel like you want to cry, and little starts to come. What you can do to stop that is to close your eyes for a few seconds and relax, and that will calm you down to the point where it looks like you weren’t even crying in the first place.

This method can also be used to stop you from crying if you have been crying for a while. You may need to clean your face off when you stop crying to hide it after you try this method. Your eyes might seem a little red, but it will wear off, and you can tell people something got into your eyes, and you were rubbing them.

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Method 7. Try Sleeping For A Few Minutes 

A short nap will actually fix your face after you cry. A short nap can be 10-30 minutes, and that will be enough to get the redness out of your eyes and relaxes the muscles around your eyes and in your jaw, which will show that you were crying as well. If you are at a party, you can find somewhere a lot of people aren’t and take a quick 10 minutes nap.

The best place to take this nap is around a table where you can rest your head on and relax and take a nap. Most times, people will think you are just tired and resting, so they will not bother you that much.

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Final Thoughts:

In closing, crying is normal, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Most of the time if people find out you are crying, they will try to comfort you and be there for you. This might be helpful in the situation base on the reason you were crying for. But if you still hate when people see you cry, just follow any of the methods above and hide it.

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