How to Wash Clothes Without A Washer : Step by Step

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How to Wash Clothes Without A Washer

Having a washing machine is a necessity in today’s society. Washing clothes without a washer might seem impossible, but I have done it before for a long time, and my clothes came out just as good as if it was washed in a washing machine. Washing your clothes with your hands will take some time and some energy out of you.

But if your washer broke and you do not want to go to the laundry mat, then these are the two options you have. A few months ago, my washer broke, and it wasn’t able to get fixed for like two weeks. The methods below are what I used, and they work great, so let us begin cleaning those dirty clothes without a washer.

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The Two Most Effective Ways To Wash Clothes Without A Washer

Below are the two most effective methods that you can do right away to clean your clothes if your washer broke or if you don’t have a washer at all. You might need to get a few items, but you might have them lying around.

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Things Needed:

Method 1. Use A Large Wash Basin

In this method, you will be using a large to medium size wash basin or even any large clean containers that you have at home that you can use to wash clothes in. When using this method, there are some tricks is that you need to know that I will show you to make your clothes come out as clean and smell good as possible.

Steps To Take To Wash Your Clothes Without A Washer:

1. The first step you need to take is to sort your clothes by color so that you don’t get them mixed up when you’re washing them in the wash basin. Since you will be washing them in a wash basin, you will need to wash them in batches.

2. Once you have separated the clothes, you can now fill the wash basin halfway with water and then add a few drops of laundry detergent into the water. Ensure to mix the water around before you add any of the clothes to it because if you don’t do this, then laundry detergent will stay in the clothes.

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3. If you have a lot of clothes, I would recommend using more than one wash basin with this little trick I will be teaching you. Add all of the clothes to the wash basin and make sure they’re fully submerged in the water and leave them to soak for at least two hours. This will make them easier to wash.

4. Once the two hours are up, you can take the clothes out of the wash basin and squeeze them out to remove the water from it. Once all the water is removed, you can catch fresh water and add a proper amount of laundry detergent in the water and mix it around, then wash the clothes in the wash basin two pieces at a time.

5. Once you have washed all of the clothes, you can now catch fresh water again and wash two pieces at a time and then squeeze them out. If you have an extra wash basin you can place the clothes in it when you squeeze it out. If some of your clothes have stains, you can use a fels naptha soap bar to remove the stains from the clothes.

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6. Now that you have washed your clothes and squeeze out the majority of the water. You can now either hang them outside to dry or place them in the dryer if you have a dryer.

Method 2. Use Your Sink Or Bathtub 

Using a sink or a bathtub to wash clothes without a washer is similar to washing your clothes in the wash basin. There will be a few different changes because the bathtub will be much larger, and the bathroom sink will be a little smaller, but you are standing.

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is to separate all the colored clothes from the dark clothes. This will allow it to be easier to wash or not let you stay in lighter color clothes by mixing them.

2. If you are using the face basin, then you cannot let the clothes soak in the water for a few hours. But if you’re going to use your bathtub, you can fall your butts up to about 5 inches in height and place the clothes in it to soak for two hours.

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3. Once to two hours are up, drain the water out of the bathtub and catch fresh water and wash the clothes in it. Make sure to add a good amount of laundry detergent and mix it out properly in the water before you add it close to it. With the bathroom sink, you can just skip soaking the clothes and go right ahead and wash them.

4. Once you have washed the clothes, you can use the running water from the face basin and rinse the clothes, or fill the bathtub with fresh water and rinse the clothes properly.

5. If you have a dryer at home, you can place them in the dryer, but give them a hotter and longer drain. If you want to let them air dry, just make sure they are squeezed out properly and place them outside to air dry.

Two Alternative Ways To Wash Your Clothes Without A Washer:

Below are two alternative ways to wash your clothes without a washer that will work, but you would not be doing the washing yourself.

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1. Steam Cleaning Them:

The first method is to bring your clothes to a steam cleaning shop and have them steam clean your clothes. This might be a little expensive, if your machine only takes a week to fix, you can pay them to steam clean your clothes for that week.

2. Pay Someone Or Use The Laundry Mat

When I was younger, and my mother didn’t feel like washing our clothes with her hands. She would either pay someone that does this for a living or just bring them to the laundry mat and have them done. You can do this as well if you’re not planning to do it for a long period of time.

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Final Thoughts:

Washing your clothes with your hands can be as effective as washing it in a washer. You might get a little tired, but your clothes will come out as clean or even cleaner. Make sure to wash out the clothes properly after you have washed them with your hands so that you do not smell any detergent when you are done.

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