How to Clean Xbox Series X: Step By Step

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How to Clean Xbox Series X

The Xbox series x has been out for a while now, and we are using them a lot. Dust will naturally build up on something in your house if it stays still for a period of time. How to clean your Xbox series x in the safest way to remove those dust from the outside and inside in the safest way will save your Xbox in the long run.

An Xbox series x has vents on top of it that extract heat from it so that it can work properly. When the Xbox is not in use, these vents remain open, and dust will fall into your Xbox and create problems if it is left untouched. Let us get to cleaning your Xbox series x.

Tools Needed:

Cleaning Process To Clean Your Xbox Series X

vents on xbox series x

Below will be a guide to cleaning your Xbox series x, just as how I clean my series x. This method below will be the safest method and will not damage your Xbox series x at all.

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Step By Step Guide:

1. The first thing you need to do is gather all the cleaning supplies you need in one area so that you won’t have to walk around to get them. You will also need to make a little cleaning agent in the spray bottle. Fill a 16 OZ spray bottle halfway with rubbing alcohol and add a few drops of dawn dish soap.

2. Once you have made that mixture, you now need to spray the Xbox series x with the mix. Do not spray over the vents at the top directly because water can get inside. Ensure your Xbox series x is disconnected from the wall socket along with any other cords.

3. Start by spraying the sides with a light mist of the mixture, staying about 8 inches away from the Xbox. When you reach the back of the Xbox, you can move back to 12 inches and give it a light mist.

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4. Let the mixture you sprayed on it stay for 5 – 10 minutes so that the dirt or grease can soften up and lose even easier with the detailed brush.

back ports of xbox series x

5. Take the detail brush and spray some of the mixtures in the bristles and brush the Xbox series x in a circular motion on the flat surface. When you reach the back with the ports, brush this area much more gently and slowly. When cleaning the vents on the top of the Xbox series x, brush in a horizontal pattern to get into the holes.

6. By doing that technique with the brush, it will loosen the smallest dust particles. Take a clean microfiber cloth and wet it with warm water and squeeze it out properly. Use this cloth and wipe the Xbox series x off until you see no soap, grease, or dust.

7. Take a dry microfiber cloth and give it the next wipe, and you should be done with cleaning your Xbox series x.

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8. Once you do all that, the outside of your Xbox series X should be clean. Now it is time to clean the inside of the Xbox series X. To do this without taking it apart, or you simply just need air in a can. This is compressed air in a small can that can use to blow out every dust out of the Xbox series X and clean the inside of it without taking care of part.

How To Clean Xbox Series X Controller:

Cleaning your Xbox series X controller is quite easy and similar to cleaning your Xbox series X. To do this, you first need to disconnect the batteries from the Xbox series X or take them out so that you will not get any shock.

With the tools and cleaning products you have from cleaning the Xbox series X. Use the detail brush along with the cleaning agent, you made with the rubbing alcohol. Spray the entire controller and use a detail brush and brush the controller and then use a microfiber cloth and wipe it off.

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The Dawn in their cleaning mixture with rubbing alcohol will break down the grease on the controller knobs, and also, the rubbing alcohol removes any stickiness.

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Final Thoughts:

Now that your Xbox series X is clean. You need to properly maintain it so that the inside doesn’t get destroyed by dust buildup on the outside vents don’t get clogged as well. You should clean your Xbox series X every month if you live in a dusty room, and if you live in a room with minimum dust, you can clean it every two months, and it should be fine.

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