How to Get Glitter Off Skin

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How to Get Glitter Off Skin

Glitter is fun to use, but it can be a pain to remove if it gets on your skin or in your hair. Glitter can be used to decorate and make things look better but can set your allergies off if it gets into your nose. Knowing how to get glitter off your skin is really important because this had happened to me before, and it caused a disaster.

When glitter gets on your skin, it will transfer to other areas of your house if you are not careful with what you are doing. Washing off the glitter isn’t an option so let us begin getting it off your skin immediately.

Guide On How To Get Glitter Off Your Skin

Below are some amazing ways you can use to remove glitter from your skin in no time before it spreads all over your clothes and other places in your house. These methods are safe to use and can be used immediately if you have the items needed.

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1. How To Use Hair Spray To Get Glitter Off Skin

This method might sound weird to you, but somehow hair spray will get the glitter off your skin without you putting in too much work or blistering your skin. This method works great for people with hair on their skin.

Step 1. Find all the areas on your skin that has glitter on it. I would recommend wearing gloves because this will prevent you from spreading it to more areas or getting it stick to your hands as well.

Step 2. Once you have put the gloves on, you need to spray the areas on your skin that have glitter on it. Spray a generous amount on your skin, then use a microfiber cloth and slowly wipe the glitter off your skin. This might take a few tries, so keep applying hair spray until you get it off your skin.


2. Use Play Dough On Skin

Playdough and slime are great at sticking to things. If they fall into the dirt, they will trap the dirt onto it. This makes it ideal for getting the glitter off your skin. The glitter will stick to the play dough or slime as soon as you touch your skin with it or rub your skin with it.

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Step 1. Put on a pair of gloves so that the glitter doesn’t stick to your finger, then take the play dough or slime and wipe or blot your skin with it until you see the glitter starting to come off. If you have hair on your skin, it will take a few tries to fully get it off.

Step 2. The slime or play dough might leave a weird feeling on your skin, so give your skin a proper wash off with some dish soap or regular soap. Using warm water as well will help a lot.


3. Use Lotion To Get Glitter Off Skin

Glitter likes to stick to different surfaces as long as it can. What the lotion does is prevent it from sticking to any surface, and it will break the connection between your skin and the glitter. The glitter will stick to the lotion as soon as you put it on your skin.

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Step 1. Lotions that don’t have oil in it will work best. Put on a pair of gloves on both hands, then pour a generous amount of lotion in your hand, rub it over the areas with the glitter, and use a paper towel and wipe it off your skin. Repeat this process until you get all of the glitters off.


4. How To Use Baby Oil Or Olive Oil To Remove Glitter Off Skin

Baby oil and olive are great products to use on your skin to bring back moisture. Look at the most expensive hair products, and you will see that it has In olive. The way the olive oil and the baby oil would work is by trapping the glitter in the oil itself, which will allow you to wipe it off your skin easily.

Step 1. Pour a generous amount of olive oil into the palm of your hands and gently rub it over the area on your skin that has glitter on it. If you realize that the glitter isn’t coming off, apply more pressure to the area and see I’ll it will come off.

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Step 2. Your hand will have glitter on, but it will wash right off with some soap and running water from your bathroom or kitchen faucet. And that is it, your skin should be glitter free with a little extra moisture.


5. Use Tape To Remove The Glitter

Using tape to get glitter off your skin should be the last resort because you will have to shave some of your hair where the glitter is on your skin. If you do not have hairy skin then this method should be easy for you if you do it the right way.

Step 1. Remove the hair from that area of your skin, and then cut a piece of tape and lightly tap your skin with the sticky part of it. Do not push down too hard to where the tape will stick to your skin. Do this until you have removed all of the glitters off your skin.

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Final Thoughts:

Having glitter on your skin can make your skin look pretty or flashy if you’re going to a costume party or if your kids get it on their skin. Getting it off is really important because while it might look pretty, it will slowly spread over the rest of your skin by the air or rubbing against something. It will eventually spread in other areas if not washed off immediately after use.

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