How to Get Sand Out Of Charging Port

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How to Get Sand Out Of Charging Port 

Getting sand in your phone charge port can be the worst thing to happen to you, especially if you try to charge it and it isn’t cleaned out properly. Phones these days can be even 1,500$, so you do not want that to happen to you. Getting sand out the charge port might sound like hard work, but with certain tricks, it will come out.

Sand can ruin any electronic when too much of it gets onto it. The methods that I have come up with will remove the sand in the best way possible so that it doesn’t damage any of the small connectors in the charge port or bend them.


 Whenever sand gets into the charge port of any device. Make sure the sand is completely dried up before you try to clean it out because if you try to clean out the wet sand, it can damage the charge port easily, and you will not get out the majority of it. Dry the sun you can either let it stay an ear dry or use a blow dryer.

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Most Effective Way To Remove Sand Out Of Charge Port

Below are five methods to use to get the sand out of your iPhone or Android smartphone or even a computer charge port. Use all of these methods with precautions so that you do not damage your phone or anything in the charge port.

Method 1. Blow The Sand Out

This method would be the first thing that comes to your mind, and you are not wrong. But you should only use this method when the sand is extremely dry, and there’s a small amount of it that gets into your charge port. If you try to blow out wet sand out of the charge port, it will not come out because the air from your mouth will not be powerful enough.

If the sand is dry, then blowing in the charge for a few seconds or a minute will definitely get all of the sand out of your charge port immediately on the spot if you’re at the beach or playground.

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Method 2. Use Vibration Of The Phone

This method is a genius method because not everyone would think of this. The Apple Watch itself has a method that works similarly where it vibrates itself to get water out of its speakers. This can work on our phone’s speaker and also the charge port to get sand out.

To make this method work at its best potential. You need to go on YouTube and find a video that shows heavy vibration and Max your phone volume and blow in the charge port as well while your phone vibrates. This will loosen and shake the sand out of the sand the charge port while you blow it out.

Method 3. Use A Blow Dryer To Blow The Sand Out The Charging Port

A blow dryer is another great solution to getting sand out of any device’s charge port. The only difference with the blow dryer is that it will transfer heat onto the device, so you will need to stay back at least 8 inches away from the charge port to not cause any damage.

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You need to put the blow dryer on the lowest heat setting and blow out the sand out of the charge port. Just be careful and feel how hot the phone is getting and if it’s getting too hot. Then you are too near the phone and need to back up some more.

Method 4. Vacuum The Sand Out The Charging Port

Another amazing way to get the sand out of your phone or laptop’s charge port is by vacuuming the sand out. A lot of us have some very powerful vacuum that sucks strongly and sometimes will even lift the carpet up if we’re not careful when vacuuming it. You might be saying to yourself, how can I do it when the vacuum just has a big end it?

The most modern vacuum these days we’ll have a hose on the side where you can disconnect it and use it as a small vacuum to vacuum small creases of the stairs in your house and the joints of your couch. Use that part and put it over the charge port of the device and turn on the vacuum and it will suck out all of the sand in the charge port. Just make sure the sand is dry when you’re cleaning it out.

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Method 5. Air In A Can

An air compressor would be the perfect solution to remove every bit of sand from the charge port of your phone or your laptop. Not everyone will have an oppressor at home because they are mostly used in construction or for someone who likes to do DIY projects. But if you have one at home, just turn it on and blow out the sand out of the charge port, but if not, follow the method below.

Air in a can is basically a portable air compressor that you can use for a few minutes and take it anywhere. You can buy them at your local hardware store or even order them on Amazon and have them just in case something like this happens. To use it, all you need to do is lift the nozzle and point it directly into the charge port, and press it, and it will blow out all the sand out of the charge port. Before charging the phone again, make sure all the sand is out properly.

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Final Thoughts:

When going anywhere near sand, you should always keep your phones in your pockets or if you’re using your phone, hold it tightly. The moment when you realize sand got into your charge port, you should immediately keep the phone or computer with the charge port facing down so that the sun doesn’t spread even more until you get home to remove it. Once you get home, follow any of the methods above to remove the sand from the ChargePoint,

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