How to Iron Without An Ironing Board

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How to Iron Without An Ironing Board 

Ironing your clothes can be a headache itself, especially if you work an office job. But what makes it even worse is if your ironing board breaks and you need to iron without an ironing board. I have first hand experience doing this because I grew up in the Caribbean without ironing boards.

I used to have to iron in different places to get my clothes looking properly, and I had to do this 5 days a week for years, and my clothes came out looking great. Let us get to ironing those clothes of yours without using an ironing board.

Best Ways To Iron Without An Ironing Board At Home:

Below are 5 ways I have personally used to iron my clothes or make them look ironed without using an ironing board or iron at all. All these methods work marvelously.

1. Iron On Your Bed

Beds can be a great place to iron your clothes if you do not have an ironing board at home. I know you might be thinking that your bed is too soft, but with some techniques that I will teach you, you will have your clothes look like a professional iron or clean them.

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When ironing on your bed, you need to find the hardest part, which is normally to the edges of the bed. Lay out the clothing flat, and iron like you usually do but apply less pressure. Most beds have some dips in them, so when you apply less pressure, the iron will just glide over them.

You may need to go slower than usual because of the softness of the bed to get it right or do it twice. But in the end, your clothes will look like they were ironed until you can buy a next ironing board to use.

2. Steam Clean The Clothes Your Self

This method is for those who simply just want an alternative way to make their clothes look iron without ironing on an ironing board in the easiest way. Other than paying someone to do it, this method will be the easiest to do, but you will need to purchase a steam cleaner on Amazon.

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Here is a link to a handheld steam cleaner at a reasonable price. Just follow the instructions that it comes with, and your clothes will look amazing without ironing it on an ironing board.

3. Use A Table To Iron On

Ironing on a table might sound weird, but it does get the job done. You would not iron on a glass or plastic table because the heat from the iron might melt or break the glass table. So my recommendation for this method is to use a wooden table or any flat surface that is wood. 

All you need to do is lay the fabric on the wooden surface, make sure it is clean before, and iron it like how you would with an ironing board. You will get the same result as if you had used an ironing board.

4. Go To A Steam Cleaning Shop

This method will be the easiest method that you can use. Most professional people that work in the office will use a steam cleaner to steam clean their suits thatchy wear each day after a week. What the steam cleaning place will do is steam clean the clothes with very hot steam removing stains on any wrinkles that you will find in the clothes.

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If you choose not to use an ironing board because you don’t like it, this is the best option, but it can end up pricey if you do it every day after a week. Once or twice a week is totally fine, or even for special events if you do not have an ironing board at home but make sure to plan ahead when you’re using the steam cleaning service.

5. Wash Your Clothes Properly

I learned this method the hard way. For years I have been washing my clothes the wrong way and folding them the wrong way too. When washing your clothes, you should stuff too many of them into the washing machine at the same time because they will get entangled and twist together, which will form creases in your clothes.

When washing your clothes, always use warm to hot water to wash and cold water to rinse them. This will minimize the creases in the clothes when you take them out, if it has any at all. Now when it comes to folding the clothes, you need to practice the proper methods and not stuff them in the dresser or closet. Watch youtube videos on how to properly fold and store clothes.

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Final Thoughts:

In closing, if your ironing board suddenly breaks when you’re ironing the clothes. You can use the method of ironing on a wooden surface or ironing on your bed to get your clothes looking as good as if you had iron it on an ironing board. But if you want a method to replace iron and an ironing board overall, using a steam cleaning service or getting a steam cleaner yourself is the best choice to make.

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