How to Keep Spiders Away While Sleeping

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How to Keep Spiders Away While Sleeping 

Not every spider is harmful, but some spiders can hurt you really badly. So keeping spiders away while sleeping is ideal. I do have the fear of spiders crawling into my nose or ears each night and laying eggs. So the methods below that I recommend help with keeping them away for good.

When dealing with spiders, you should always approach each and every one with precautions because we do not know if you will have a reaction to the bite if it does bite you. The methods below are to keep spiders away and not to get rid of them.

Ways On How To Keep Spiders Away While Sleeping:

Seven ways I have used to keep away from my bed while I sleep at night living with arachnophobia. These methods work and will stop riders and even other insects from coming near your bed.

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1. Clean The Room

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In general, a clean area will not attract any insects at all. Taking up clothes lying on the ground, which will create a warm, moist, dark area for spiders to hide, will definitely keep them away at night when you sleep. Make sure to remove cobwebs when you see them because if those spiders hatch their eggs, you will have a bigger problem.

Do a weekly cleaning of the room or area that you see spiders in, and over a period of time, the spiders will disappear and you will be able to sleep better at night again without worrying too much.

2. Remove Old Furniture

Most times, old furniture will have holes in them because the wood is rotting away. This creates an ideal habitat for a spider to create its home and hatches eggs which will create a bigger problem for you. 

The furniture doesn’t even have to be old, but if they have a hole in them, spiders will live in it, so make sure to check the wooden furniture you have in your bedroom or wherever you sleep to see if there is any hole in it and either fill that hole I sprayed with something on the inside, or the homemade insect repellent will have you make.

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3. Use Different Type Sheets

Sheet are made of different materials, and this will either make your bed much warmer and more comfortable, but it can create moisture as well. Too much moisture attracts spiders because it makes them more comfortable.

Use sheets that are made with cotton that are warm and do not hold so much moisture. You can also clear your bed if it has a lot of teddy bear and pillows on it to make it more open so air can pass through.

4. Use Dehumidifier To Remove Moisture 

As mentioned in the previous method that spiders love moisture and will try to create their habitat wherever they can find it. In my basement apartment, if I don’t turn on the humidifier in the summer each day, I will have at least 2 gallons of water in it when I do turn it on.

So imagine if I didn’t have a dehumidifier and all that moisture is trapped in the air. All types of insects, including spiders, will find places in that basement to live, and that includes your bed even if they don’t live in your bed, there will still be around and can crawl on you while you sleep, so if you live in an enclosed area where there’s not a lot of windows to get ventilation, get a dehumidifier to suck out moisture out of the air.

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5. Use Insecticides To Keep Spiders Away

When it comes to using insecticides, not everyone will like them because they can be toxic no matter how good they smell to you. But in some cause, if you see a lot of spiders in your apartment or in one area and you do not want to call an exterminator, then this option will work best.

If you see a large spider near your bed and other places over and over again. More than likely, it’s a female whose eggs have hatched already. You can locate or when you see the smaller spiders spray them with insecticides because there will be too much.

Insecticides can work on one spider as well if you see it lurking around your bed. But make sure to leave the room after you spray the spider so that the toxic chemical does not get into your lungs.

6. Do Not Keep Trash In The Area

I used to have a bad habit of this. I will buy food on the road and come back and eat it, then dump it into the trash can in my room. Nothing is wrong with that if you take the trash out every two days at least. But if you allow that trash to stay with food in it, it will attract other insects that larger spiders feed on.

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Spider feed on bugs, flies, other spiders, and more things. When a spider finds a constant food source, it will want to create a home, and your bed will be a nice area, even if it’s not on the mattress. Spiders will make their home underneath your bed in the wood of your bed frame so take out the trash often if food is in it.

7. Make You Own Insect Repellent To Keep Spiders Away While You Sleep 

In case you do not want to use strong toxic chemical insecticides, you can use your own homemade insecticides. This will include you making your own homemade insect repellent that is also an air freshener in one. Insects, including spiders, hate the smell of essential oils and will stay far away from it.

By adding lavender, mint, cinnamon, and some other flavor essential oil to a spray bottle mixed with water and sprayed in the atmosphere will repel the spider and keep the spiders away from your bed or you while you sleep at night.

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Final Thoughts:

In closing, these methods above will definitely keep spiders away while you sleep at night in your bed. But if you start to see a lot of spiders in the area where you sleep, you might have an infestation of spiders, and you’ll need to call an exterminator. If you see just one or two spiders, it’s perfectly fine to use the methods above, but if you keep seeing spiders every hour, you need professional help to get rid of them.

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