Why Does My Bed Feel Damp At Night? 6 Reasons Why

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Why Does My Bed Feel Damp At Night?

This is the worst feeling you can have each time you lay in your bed after a long day at work, having your bed feeling damp at night when you are just trying to sleep. They are several things that can be causing this problem and I will tell you how to fix the problem as well.

The first thing you need to find out is if you have a leak. Because that is a whole different problem itself and this article won’t fix that. This article will tell you about some of the reasons that you would have never thought of why your bed feels damp or wet. So let us get to find out what might be the problem.

Reasons Why Your Bed Feels Damp At Night

Here are 6 different reasons why anyone’s bed can feel damp at night along with how to fix the problem and eliminate it for good.

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1. Excessive moisture 

clean dehumidifier beside air filter

Excessive moisture can cause anywhere to feel wet or damp including your bed. It doesn’t just make places feel wet and damp, it brings along mold, mildew, and other bacteria that can harm someone. 

Just like inside the dry walls of our houses that are padded. Mold will form where an area is enclosed just like your bed that has 4 layers of different sheets. The moisture can come from a pipe that is leaking into the wall to just a window that allows water from the rain to come into your room.

This happens in basement apartments a lot where there is not enough ventilation so moisture builds up in areas where it can including your mattress. It can even make mold grow on your dishes and clothes too.

To fix this problem, look for a leak under your window, and pipes and if none is there that means the area needs more ventilation and you need to get a Dehumidifier to clear the air of moisture. You will be surprised at how much water it will accumulate in just a few days.

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2. Sheets Did Not Dry 

drying clothe in dryer

Some of us hate to fold laundry when we wash them. So we just throw the sheets in the dryer with everything so we can finish doing the laundry faster. The big problem with that is the clothes will get entangled with the sheets and prevent them from getting enough heat in them from the dryer.

This had happened to me before and I just take them out of the dryer and put them on the bed. To me, they felt dry at that point because a little heat was in them, but in the middle of the night when I woke up my bed felt damp to almost wet.

I immediately tried to figure out what was the problem and realize it was the damp sheet that wasn’t dried properly. To fix that problem, all you need to do is dry your sheets separately with no more than 3 small sheets at a time in the dryer.

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3. Sweating Too Much

This should be the first thing that comes to your mind when you feel your bed damp at night. If not, this might be one of the number 1 causes of wet and bad-smelling beds. Most of us when we sweat at night, the sheets and the bed absorb the sweat. So when we wake up in the morning we only see and feel a damp bed and wonder where I came from.

The damp feeling might just be your sweat. To fix this problem you can do numerous things. The first thing you can do is turn up your A/C, turn on the fan or open a window. These methods are what you can use to cool you down and stop you from seating.

If those didn’t work, it might be that you are using a sheet that is too thick for the temperature of the room. This had happened to me before and I had to change the sheet to a thinner one.

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If that dissent work then you may need to go to the doctor and find out why you keep sweating that much at night enough to make your bed feel damp. Because it may be a medical condition that can be fixed by taking something to relax.


4. The Type Of Sheet You Have

This might come as a surprise to you, but some sheets can feel a lot colder than other sheets. The material that makes the sheet can hold moisture more than another for example cotton and bamboo sheets. Bamboo sheets hold 40% more water than cotton sheets so the bamboo sheet will absorb more sweat and moisture from the environment.

To fix this problem, you need to change the types of sheets that you sleep on each night. If when you check the label on your sheet and it says made of bamboo, you need to get a cotton or silk sheet to replace it to have a warmer feeling at night.

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5. Your Mattress Needs To Be Changed

Over time your mattress will need to be changed because it will absorb any moisture that your body gives off and keep it in. If you are not regularly drying your mattress then this will happen to you. At this point, if it is making your bed feel damp then you need to change the mattress.

When you do get a new mattress, use a sweat-repellent pillow top to prevent your mattress from absorbing any sweat or liquid that might get on it. You can also air-dry your mattress by placing it outside for a few hours twice a year to have it smell clean and avoid moisture buildup.


6. Too Much Layer On Bed

Yes! Too many layers on your bed can cause your bed to build up moisture because it has no ventilation. And on top of that, some people even have 8-10 pillows on their beds at the same time on a hot night. Removing some of these layers will help your bed to better have air circulation through the fabric.

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Also, our body produces heat even when we are not moving around and 4 layers of sheets will just absorb all that head and trap it.


Ways To Dry A Bed That Feels Damp

using standing fan to dry mattress

They are numerous ways to dry a bed that feels damp and to do that one of the best ways is to use direct sunlight by placing the bed outside for a few hours or placing a fan on the bed. If you want more details on other ways to try a bed that feels damp here is a link to another article I wrote directly addressing this problem with even more details. How to dry a mattress 


Why Is My Bed Damp?

The short answer to this question is sweating at night. This is the number one cause of having a dump bed at night and you can fix this by using an AC or a fan to cool you down at night and prevent you from sweating too much to make your bed feel damp.

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