How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell On Clothes Quickly

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How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell On Clothes Quickly

Getting weed smell on your clothes isn’t a good thing, because people on the police will judge you even if you’re not the one smoking or if you are the one smoking it. Even if you’re out and you are smoking or someone smokes beside you and the weed smells gets on your clothes, some of these methods will get it off quickly and the others you can use at home to get rid of the weed smell on your clothes quickly.

( Important ) – Whenever you smoke anything, always wash and wipe your hands off before you touch your clothes or anything around you because the smoke will leave residue on your hand, and if you touch anything in that area, it will smell of the smoke as well.

Method 1. Using Wipes To Get Rid Of Weed Smell On Your Clothes

This method is for when you are on the go and you need to get the weed smell out of your clothes immediately because you’re going to be around someone that doesn’t like the smell of the weed. Baby wipes and any other sanitizing wipes will neutralize the smell of the weed for a brief period of time until you get home and can properly wash the clothes.

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The best wipes to use are the wipes that have alcohol in them. You can use this wipe to clean both your hand and wipe off your entire clothes and get the smell off quickly. You can stop at any local store and buy a pack of these wipes and carry them with you whenever you are smoking or if someone smokes beside you and you want to get the smell off you immediately.


Method 2. Buy A Cheap Perfume On The Go

This has happened to me before when someone smoked in an area and I went there and my clothes immediately smell of weed. I was actually taking a flight and I didn’t want to smell like weed, so I immediately went to a store and buy the cheapest perfume I can find and sprayed my entire clothes with it.

This mask the smell of the weed for a few hours until I got the chance to fully wash the clothes properly and get this sent out. It is important if you go somewhere and you smell weed in the area, try not to touch places too much because smoke does leave a residue on areas that you cannot see and if you touch that area and touch your clothes, your clothes will smell like smoke.

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Method 3. Wash The Clothes With Fabric Softener And Essential Oil

Now let’s get to the methods we are you wash the clothes. Washing your clothes to get the weed smell out isn’t that hard. The important thing you need to know is that you shouldn’t wash clothes that smell of weed with other normal clothes because the water will like the smell of weed and get into the other clothes.

Using a strong fabric softener and detergent along with some essential oil will permanently remove the smell of weed on your clothes. All you need to do is buy your favorite essential oil and add 5 to 15 drops of it into the detergent dispenser on your washing machine on the washing machine will do the rest. Make sure to put the washing machine on the hottest settings to get rid of the weed smell out of your clothes quickly.

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Method 4. Let It Air Out And Dry In The Sun

This method can be done if you’re at home or on the go and you cannot get the shirt or piece of clothes with the smell of weed wet. You can take off that piece of clothes and put it in the sun and the sun will gradually remove the weed smell out of it using the heat and the wind in the air.

This method has been around for many years but people use it to get rid of the urine smell out of mattresses when kids pee on the bed. For extra help, you can spray some of your air fresheners on the piece of clothing to help give it a better smell.

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Final Thoughts:

Weed is legalized in most states now, but not everyone likes the smell of it so sometimes you need to get the smell off your clothes quickly if someone besides you smoked it or if you smoked it yourself and your clothes smell of it. 

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The best method they used to get it off your clothes is to wash your clothes properly with warm water and a strong-smelling laundry detergent, but if you’re on the go you can wipe yourself down with some wipes and then spray some perfume on you and this will fix the problem.

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