How to Kill Grass Naturally

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How to Kill Grass Naturally

A lot of us hate to use toxic chemicals, and I understand that because, most times they have a strong odor to them. Killing grass naturally can be done with a few methods and they are quite easy to do. The best one that works great for me is the method of using white distilled vinegar.

But the other methods work great as well. If the grass is in your garden, you will need to use one of the methods below that is more controllable. The other methods will cover large areas like your lawn or a field. So let us begin killing those grass naturally no matter where they are.

Methods To Be Used To Kill Grass Naturally

Below are 3 methods you can use to get rid of grass naturally that will work similarly to how weed killer would work. These methods might take a little longer but they will work.

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Method 1. How to Kill Grass Naturally By Covering Them

Grass needs light in order for it to grow, which means if you cut off the light source, the grass will die. Covering the area with a large tarp will have the grass dry up within a few days. I have personally done this, and all the grass turns brown in a week.

The only drawback to this method is that when you do take the tarp off the grass, there will be a few insects, but they will run away. When you put the cover on the grass, you will need to put a heavy rock or something at each corner so that the breeze doesn’t blow it away.


Method 2. Put Something On The Grass To Kill Them

This method is for places that have a small patch of grass that you would want to kill, but you do not want to use any strong chemicals. Maybe a tarp is too big for this area, but you can place outside furniture on it or even flower pots, and it will stop the grass from growing.

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When you place whatever you place on the grass, let it stay there for a few days and then take it off. When you take it off, the grass should be brown and will stay that way.


Method 3. Using Vinegar And Dish Soap To Kill Grass Naturally 

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This method might surprise you, but vinegar and dawn dish soap together is a very strong combination when it comes to killing grass. The dawn dish soap will burn the leaves on the grass, and the vinegar will speed up the grass burning process.

What You Will Need:

Step 1. You will need to make a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. First, you will need a gallon of white distilled vinegar, if the area is large, this amount will work. If the grass area is smaller, you can use a smaller amount. Add about half a cup of dish soap to the vinegar and shake it well.

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Step 2. Now that you have made the mixture, you need to add some of the mixtures into a spray bottle. If you are using this mixture to kill grass in your garden, you will need to be careful to not let it touch the other plants. In a few hours, the grass will start to change color, and it will die that same day.

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Final Thoughts:

Now that you have learned a few methods to kill grass naturally, you can avoid buying any toxic chemicals to use in your yard or garden that can cause you or your pets harm. Weed killers are made of strong chemicals, and you shouldn’t even be using them, so use these methods anytime you want to kill grass naturally.

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