Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying

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Why Does My Car Battery Keep Dying

Getting up in the morning and your car will not start or be unlocked is the worse feeling ever. The first thing you might be thinking is why does my car battery keep dying or dying. Below is a reason why and how you can fix them. If your car is a newer car some of these methods can quickly fix your car’s dying battery.

1. Lights Left On

This is one of the most common reasons why your car battery keeps dying. I have a little cousin and she keeps turning on the light in the back and leaving it on. This will kill your battery within hours. The next light you can leave on is your high beams.

The newer car’s high beam turns off a few seconds after the car turns off but the older car’s high beam will stay on permanently until the car battery runs out. Before you get out of your car check the lights to see if they are on.

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2. Bad Alternator 

car engine

An alternator uses power from the engine to charge the battery that runs the electronics in the car. If your alternator isn’t working properly in a few days of driving your car you will wake up to it being locked or cannot start.

To know if your alternator is bad, you can jump-start the car and see if the alternator belt is spinning that charges the battery. If it is not spinning then your alternator is bad and you need to take it to the mechanic to be replaced.

3. Bad Wires

I have experienced this firsthand before of bad wiring in a car. I have a 2006 hummer H3 and every 3 days the car battery dies but the alternator is working fine. We checked the lights and everything was off. We got it diagnosed technician said it seem to be bad wiring.

You can either try and find where the bad wiring is or do what I do which can get annoying. disconnected the battery if you are not going to drive the car for more than 3 days. If you drive the car every day then you will be ok because the alternator will charge it.

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4. Corroded Wires

Corroded wires are wires that got exposed to moisture somewhere and have a short in them. similar to when you have bad wires. But corned wires are easier to find because you look underneath the car to see what wires have been exposed that need to be changed. This happens to vehicles that drive on salt roads in the winter.

5. Corroded Battery Wire

A corroded battery wire happens when moisture on the battery wire connector turns into a rush which stops energy from fulling passing through to the battery which will stop it from getting an adequate charge. All you need to do is clean the rust and corrosion away and reconnect the battery and you should be good. Do not use water to clean the rust away. Use a dry sponge, scotch brite, etc.

6. Bad Battery

A bad battery in a car is when the cells in the battery aren’t balanced properly causing it not to keep charge or when your battery is really old and needs to be changed because the cells in the battery have reached their lifespan of 5-8 years. All you need to do is change the battery and your car will be fine again.

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7. Accessory Ports Being Used

I have a lot of things in my car plugged in. Some car USB ports do not turn off when the car shuts off. If your car battery keeps dying then this might be the problem. Before you leave your car make sure to turn off and plug out anything that might be plugged in, especially your phone charger.

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