How to Get Super Glue Off Glasses Lens

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How to Get Super Glue Off Glasses Lens

Getting super glue on an expensive pair of prescribed lens glasses can be a disaster. Some of these glasses have special tints, coatings, and more stuff to protect your eyes when using a computer or reading. Getting the superglue off the glasses lens can be tricky because a simple scrape can ruin one of the lenses. Acetone can actually damage some lenses but special coating, so I will be providing two methods for you to clean your glasses without damaging it.

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Method 1: How to Get Super Glue Off Glasses Lens With Acetone 

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In this cleaning method, you will be using acetone to clean super glue off the glasses lens. The acetone I will be using is a nail polish remover.

Tools Needed:

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing you need to do is put on a pair of gloves and cover the area of the table or countertop that you will be cleaning the glasses on.

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2. Take the cotton swab or a ball and wet it entirely with that acetone cleaner or a nail polish remover that you have.

3. Gently wet the area on the glasses lens that has the superglue stuck on it and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes to soak and loosen the superglue.

4. Once the superglue is softened gently use a clean cloth and wipe the glue off. Once you did all that you can now give your glasses a regular cleaning.

Important: Check the materials that make the glasses frame and the coating that is on the glasses lens on the manufacturer’s website so you do not damage the glasses lens or a frame with the acetone.

Method 2: How to Get Super Glue Off Glasses Lens Without Acetone

In this cleaning method, you will only be using soap and other non-abrasive methods to remove the superglue off your glasses lens. I do recommend using this method because it’s much more safer on average classes on the market.

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Tools Needed: 

  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Dish Soap
  • Cleaning Bowl 
  • Warm water

Steps To Take:

1. The first thing I need to do in this method Is add some warm water to a small bowl and add two tablespoons of dawn dish soap or any dish soap.

2. Use a clean cloth and wet it in the mixture and blot the area on the glasses that have the super glue on it.

3. Let the mixture sit on the glasses until the super glue is soft then you use the cloth and carefully wipe it off.

4. Repeat this clean method if phone necessary

How To Remove Super Glue From Glasses: Alternative Methods

Using dish soap on your glasses lens is the best method to use because it is the gentlest. But for some case you want to use another method here is two alternative ways to clean super glue off glasses.


Using toothpaste on your glasses lens or glasses can remove the superglue if you rub the toothpaste on it and let it sit for a few minutes to soften up, then you can wipe off the glue and toothpaste gently with a clean cloth.

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Super Glue Remover:

Super glues are popular products and the manufacturers know people will get it stuck on places that it shouldn’t be on. So the manufacturers made superglue removers and you can purchase them off Amazon or even your local supermarket. To use the superglue remover read the instructions on the back of their packaging.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know how to get super glue off a glasses lens you can be prepared for it if it happens again. But avoiding this scenario is the best way to go, if your glasses are broken try your best to get it fixed by a professional because using superglue near your eyes isn’t good for the lens in your eye.

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