We’re driving along a country road minding our own business, when a vision of hooves and red coats appears.  Horses and howling hunting dogs clatter past, the final rider – sporting a natty, black top hat – gives us a jolly wave.

It’s our fourth week here in rural England and I continue to be charmed by the quaint – and often eccentric – local ways.

After six months travelling the world, our new English country chapter has begun and we’re exploring counties and cottages for the perfect place to live.

One village in particular has stolen our hearts. We stumbled upon it on our second day and have since returned a dozen times to check it’s still as magical. It never lets us down.

Lyddington is a teeny tiny village, a hamlet actually, nestled in the heart of England’s smallest historic county – Rutland.

The Latin motto ‘multum in parvo’ was adopted by the local council for the area meaning ‘much in little’.

Now, I really love how this echoes the huge lifestyle change we are making. We’ve left our Sydney home, corporate jobs and city living for the rustic beauty of the English countryside and a slower, simpler pace of life.  Much in little, no?

We are also wildly in love with our small, but huge-hearted pug, Winston. This little pup has brought boundless joy into our lives over the last five years. I can’t help but feel this lovely county motto also extends to him.

Country walks and lovely spring sunshine 🌿

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And lets have a quick moment for all the other simple pleasures in life that bring so much pleasure – newly baked bread, a glass of great wine or freshly cut flowers. Little things can totally be the best, right?

So, embracing the ‘much in little’ philosophy – I’m in love with Lyddington. This secluded village of ironstone cottages sits amidst green slopes of the Welland Valley.

The landscape is gently rolling – green patchwork hills, winding country roads and chocolate box cottages, a short hop to Rutland Water.

Counting 🐑🐑🐑. Brisk winter walks in the English countryside. 🌿

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Lyddington is linear by design –  a row of golden stone houses, each more gorgeous than the last, displaying themselves proudly over the course of a mile punctuated by Bede House, two lovely pubs and a fine-looking church.

Lovely Lyddington, light of my life. This village is The One, I just know it.

We’ve loitered in the local pub so many times over the past few weeks, the landlord asked if we recently moved to the village. I wished the answer could have been ‘yes’ as opposed to, ‘no, we’re just stalking’.

While we wait for our perfect ‘forever home’ to present, we’re moving to the lovely market town of Uppingham two miles down the road.

I’m looking forward to discovering, and blogging about, the many great things Rutland has to offer. In the meantime, spring is slowly but surely cranking into action. We’ve enjoyed pleasant evening walks to the pub for a glass of Pimms and the fleeting pleasure of english bluebells.

I didn’t think I’d be quoting Latin so early into our english adventure but here we are – multum in parvo, people as the Rutlanders say!