Based solely on the fact we love the movie, In Bruges, we head to Belgium for a few days. Bruges in December is magical –  cobbles, canals and festive Christmas markets.

Belgium makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop – quite literally. The streets are groaning with cute little chocolate shops. Delicious home-made chocolatey smells waft down the street, beckoning you inside.


We head to the Christmas markets in the town’s historic centre and suddenly I hear the clickety-clack of horses hooves on the cobbled street behind me. A horse and carriage clatters by.

Call me a sentimental fool, but I have tears in my eyes it’s all so beautiful and romantic.

As we amble around the Christmas markets taking in the handmade toys, candles, Christmas decorations, bratwurst and mulled wine stalls – there is the small matter that we are in the middle of a tiny fight.

I want to tell you we hold hands as we sip hot chocolate – feeling more deeply in love than ever as church bells ring out across the medieval square.

But actually, we’re jet-lagged, tired and seriously grumpy with one another.

Sitting snugly by the roaring fireplace in a charming Belgian cafe, Jim leans towards me and quietly murmurs that I’m doing his head in.

Moules and Belgian beer fireside.

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“You’re so annoying” I whisper taking a deep sip of delicious cherry beer.

We lean back on our comfy leather couches and marvel as a brass band strides past the window, bellowing music into the damp night air.

I’m pretty sure Bruges is a place other couples come to declare love, propose marriage, conceive babies. But Jim and I? We scrap our entire three days here.

Day four, the jet lag and grumpiness has gone and we’re friends again (hurrah!) We load up our suitcases with Belgian chocolates and it’s time to move on.

Next stop is a good one – we’re skipping over the channel to England to surprise family and friends for Christmas.

Over the last few days we’ve been pretending, ok – lying our heads off – that we’re in Cambodia to ensure maximum shock factor. English country Christmas, here we come!

Has anyone else had a small domestic with their other half in a beautiful destination? Share your stories with me!


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